7 Practical Extensions in SAP CRM IC

Meeting the different customer visions and their demands on the new technological trends are sometimes time-while very difficult, especially when implementing SAP CRM.  Moreover, if the project is to meet the purpose and the set budget for the scope defined at the project kick-off, any further system extensions are eliminated.  

Bellow has listed some system extension examples, which, given the cost of implementation and their benefits are very value-wise attractive.

Integrate to SAP CRM not only voice but also other channels such as handling e-mail, chat, FAX, SMS or traditional letter form PUSH principle. (PUSH the communication is routed to the operator without the possibility of his choice), many implementations of SAP CRM integrate voice channels only. By combining multiple channels into a single service queue, you are preparing for a new era of computerization of your customers. E-mail is a necessity nowadays, but nevertheless, in many implementations is solved via PULL principle and effectiveness is often questionable.

Increase the level of integration and the voice channel. In addition to the advanced call routing methods, you can also use the integration of the voice recordings for already implemented contacts. Many call centers store their records for quality improvement or other legal purposes, but very few of them work actively with them in SAP CRM. At the completion of voice interaction in SAP CRM, telephony software communicates with SAP CRM and contact stores to complete a voice recording as a simple reference to the communication system. If you have a lot of complaints and claims supervisor at the call center can analyze the data and take action.

Improve your current CTI reporting and expand it by contacting the call center analytics reporting of data in SAP CRM. The standard functionality of SAP CRM is that it provides an interface for integration of statistics from SAP CRM data on third party manufacturers of communications software (data obtained from the telephone exchange). These statistics can be based on the unique identifier to connect and gain new insight into the reporting, where it is possible to incorporate the business perspective (How many VIP customers are waiting in the queue longer than 30 seconds? What customer segment made most calls ?…)

Edit the user interface for the operator. The operator has to have access to all necessary data in as few clicks as possible. The advantage of the SAP CRM Web IC interface is that it is possible to move the fields on the screen easier way than so far. The most important fields may be on one screen and other parts used in embedded applications, where it is necessary to have carried out click/action the user.

Expand your communication of data appended to the call.   The switch data can be enriched by such data as of IVR and published in SAP CRM. This only serves to quickly identify the type of call operators, but can also serve as an automatic contact or complaint setting.

Simplify your communications to your customers via web forms. Traditional e-mail opens the door of creativity to your customers. A well-built web page form, which ultimately comes to receive an e-mail to the contact center, saving time on communication, not only to you but also to your customers. When adding to this idea an interactive form that automatically enters data into SAP CRM and creates, for instance, an application, the efficiency can be further enhanced.

Use Alerts (Alerts) to reach targeted customers. Funktion alerts can be used for internal purposes such as calling VIP customers but also can be used for marketing purposes that offered the customer an additional product, discount which is dynamically defined by data of the customer.

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