7 x YES Modern Contact Center on SAP CRM

SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) is the only CRM solution that connects employees, partners, processes and technologies into a coherent system.  It enables the provision of customer service in all forms – customer contact center, web portal, management service for customer services, complaints, and many other features.

Often discussed term is “Contact Center”. Its implementation means that the organization does for the customer much more than just contact and call handling as it is in the call centers. In general SAP Contact Center enables full integration of all front-office CRM and back-office ERP applications. 

The SAP Contact Center is from this perspective a very important part of SAP CRM technology, which effectively covers the growing expectations of a competitive environment and leads to a decrease in operating costs, maintaining profitability and growth.

7 x YES Modern Contact Center on SAP CRM

SAP Contact Center is the leading platform in the utility segment and is configured on the best-practices of the sector, as a result of an extensive customer base.   It allows us to offer customer-tailored products through a real-time multimedia communication platform that provides operators with the latest information on the history of each customer interaction, technical possibilities and the state of his/ her account.

 The key in this process operation is the simplified web user interface providing all relevant data to a call center operator. On the other hand, due to prompt and customer-tailored services the service level increases.

The SAP Contact Center offers a comprehensive view of customer data and the possibility of synchronization of communication channels, increasing service levels, convenience and efficiency of communication with customers and ultimately brings an increase of customer satisfaction and churn reduction.

Other features include dynamic decision support using a transparent analysis of the SAP contact center to optimize sales and cost. Thanks to the implementation of SAP Contact Center you pave the way to the extension of your CRM functionalities by adding additional options of marketing, sales and analysts, thus getting all the benefits offered by the business functionality offered by SAP CRM product.

Furthermore, you get a rapid return on IT investments through the simple implementation of a preset process in terms of industry best practices.

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Tomáš Jančík, Partner – Consulting Services

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