About us

We are an IT consulting company focusing on innovative customer solutions and services, based on SAP and Salesforce platforms.

Our vision is to be a company with a strong know-how, best-in-class international experience whose reputation is built on a long-term trust and satisfaction of our partners and customers.

The intention from the very beginning was to bring under one roof people who want, can and create real and timeless values.

The timeless values that enable our customer effectively achieve strategic goals through innovative customer solutions and services.  Only hardened and motivated individuals are able to create truly promising, long-term and unique basis for our company, which can benefit not only shareholders, but everyone who contributes in any form to the overall satisfaction with our work and services.

The starting point was the fact of lacking market equilibrium in terms of “do what you say” and that the main motivation factor is profit maximization for many market players . Our approach was and is based on the values of truth, humanity, unselfishness and professional work. That is why the slogan Walk the Talk, or words are deeds or just simply do what you say.

Success…? Something else for everyone, relative and based on one’s subjective perception.
However, if success comes in the form of truth, it is as a “picture” painted by us. It is a strong value of what we do for ourselves, others, company and especially for our customers. We mainly listen to our customers so that our work is useful in a long run, and that we are the customer demanded experts, reliable partner one can count on.

The priority for us is our personal responsibility and the path we take, so that only traces of an honest work and mutual satisfaction of all involved remain behind us.

“Success” for us means a rare challenge and responsibility to help others. We are succeeding, and we know that our actions result in the right direction and our way is a gracious goal.


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