About us

The company slogan, Experience Matters, fully reflects our philosophy and quality policy, building on the values of progressive thinking, dynamic and effective approach using the latest know-how and technologies.

Our vision is to be an end-to-end provider of innovative, functional and reliable #CX #EX and #CRM business solutions and services in the EU region, and at the same time to be a creator of useful application solutions in the global market.

Right from the start, we wanted to bring together a set of people who wish to and can create exceptional customer experiences. Only hardened and motivated individuals can create a truly promising, long-term, and unique basis for our company, which can benefit not only shareholders but everyone who contributes in any form to the overall satisfaction with our work and services.


Something else for everyone, relative and based on one’s subjective perception.  However, if success comes in the form of truth, authenticity, it is as a “picture” painted by all of us. It is a substantial value of what we do for ourselves, others, the company, and especially for our customers.

We mainly listen to our customers so that our work is useful in the long run, and that we are the customer demanded experts, reliable partner one can trust.

The priority for us is our responsibility and the path we take so that only traces of honest work and mutual satisfaction of all involved remain behind us.

“Success” for us means a rare challenge and responsibility to help others.





Events 10.20

We would like to invite you to the shares of Anodius in October 2020 (Slovak/ Czech languages available only)



Events 09.2020

We have prepared – EX / CX business shortcuts for winners – European Customer Centricity Awards – How to do better and more efficient research thanks to AI



New App: Smart Tiles

No more repetitive work while entering data, save time.




Service Cloud & Business Continuity

What can Service Cloud with the right tools mean for your business continuity? Did it happen to your company […]