Complete Digital Solution To Support Nonprofit

Who is the solution for:

  • Nonprofit


  • The package will help you start working effectively with your donors.
  • Everything will be accurately recorded, and you will no longer forget or be unable to find something.
  • Besides, thanks to automation, you will save a lot of your time, and you will be able to devote more to your program in a nonprofit company.
  • It also includes the evaluation of your donors, thanks to which they will be motivated to cooperate more with you.
  • Marketing communication is also supported, which will trigger awareness of your goals and visions.


  • + 24% retention of current donors.
  • + 36% engagement of new donors.
  • + 89% improvement inability to fulfill your program and vision of a nonprofit company.


  • Modern user interface.
  • Management of contacts and organizations.
  • Donor management and evaluation.
  • The complete process for selecting gifts.
  • Activity management and communication.
  • Campaigns and email communication.
  • Planning activities for major donors.
  • Communication within the team.
  • Tools for managing grants and subsidies.
  • Integration of the most popular tools.
  • Automation (process and import).
  • Sophisticated reporting.
  • Cooperation with your colleagues.
  • Mobile application.
  • Besides: The solution provides ten free Salesforce user licenses in the highest category.

Solution description:

  • An introductory workshop where we will find out exactly how it works and propose a solution.
  • Project management.
  • Complete documentation.
  • Installation and basic system settings.
  • Settings according to the required solution.
  • Data migration.
  • End-user training.
  • Operation support.

How long will the implementation take?

  • 14 days