All-in-One Dynamic Booking System (Meeting Rooms, Cars, Desks)

Who is the solution for:

  • Companies of sizes


  • Does your company use shared meetings, shared vehicles, electric scooters or do you have a clean desk policy in an open-space office?


  • Easy set-up:
    • Meeting room booking.
    • Car booking.
    • Desk booking.
  • Available on all devices.
  • Get a simple tool for overview and management of reservations.
  • Reservations under control anytime, anywhere.
  • Possibility to add custom screen.

Solution description:

  • The effort required from our side will depend mainly on your specific requirements and needs because the booking system was developed with customizability and flexibility in mind. Therefore it covers the required necessities to deploy the core functionality but is subject to change based on the final requirements.
  • Optional Services and Products – additional features that we can provide when the need arises. Detailed pricing upon on request.



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