Feedback From Customers And Employees

Who is the solution for:

  • B2B companies with a Sales Cloud without an adequate customer support system.
  • Large contact centres.
  • Companies in need of field service (Field Service Management FSM optional).


  • Do you want to get feedback after resolving a case, or do you want to prevent feedback after any contact with your company?
  • Do you want to have all this information in one place along with other information about customers and cases?
  • Want to know how satisfied customers are with you? Would you like to identify areas where you need to improve as a company?
  • Or do you want to know and reveal executive or less efficient employees?


  • Immediate feedback.
  • The results get directly into the system and become part of it.
  • Case management and evaluation.
  • Immediate response based on set parameters.
  • Use to optimize processes and activities in the company.
  • You have all the relevant information in one place.
  • Collection of CX data at the transaction level / after each call, visit, purchase, etc. via world famous metrics CSAT, NPS, FCR, CES, CXJ AI.
  • A unique collection of feedback from the customer directly to the employee.
  • Own feedback on the campaign with the possibility of conditioning.
  • Modern responsive user interface.
  • Lots of ready-made widgets and dashboards.
  • Management application for user easy access to Dashboard and communication with the customer or employed.
  • Staff Interface for employee access to self-assessments.
  • Gamification (motivation module for employees).
  • Support for hierarchical organization of the organization: several levels, departments, teams, managerial views, level of access –
  • Sophisticated reporting both within the UI and by email.
  • Flexible setting of rights and access for users.
  • Manual categorization, notes, internal discussions and other tools.
  • Semantic analysis (analysis of evaluation text and categorization).
  • Easy customizability.


Solution description:

  • An introductory workshop to identify problem areas with a proposal for a functional solution.
  • Project management.
  • Complete documentation including manuals and process descriptions.
  • Installation and required system settings.
  • Data migration.
  • End-user training.
  • Deployment support.

How long will it take?

  • 12 days