How To Easily Generate Leads From Social Networks

Who is the solution for:

  • Customer Service Staff

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  • Are you losing track of your corporate social profiles?
  • Not sure which customer issues have already been resolved and which haven’t?
  • Do you have a problem categorizing messages?
  • Can’t prioritize them?
  • Do you get feedback from customers on how satisfied they were with solving the problem?
  • Can you measure your success rate in providing customer service?
  • Imfographics


  • Save + 20% of your time spent managing social networks.
  • Increase the percentage of satisfied customers by automating processes and communicating faster.
  • Significantly reduce the spread of negative news on social networks.
  • Thanks to increased satisfaction, you will achieve a higher interest in your products and services by + 60%.
  • Real-time overview of social network management thanks to CX reports and dashboards.
  • Operational overview of customer satisfaction.
  • Availability of many other SAP Service Cloud and Qualtrics features to help you improve your CX and EX.


Solution description:

  • Project management.
  • Basic settings of SAP Service Cloud and Qualtrics, min. 5 users.
  • Integration of 1 social network with SAP Service Cloud.
  • SAP Service Cloud integration with Qualtrics (including lead generation).
  • Consulting services in the range of 16 hours.
  • User training – Documentation.

How long will the implementation take?

  • 11 days


  • SAP + Qualtrics