State Administration HR Audit

Who is the solution for:

  • Directors of state/ municipal /public enterprises/ organizations;
  • Mayors;
  • Departmental directors.


  • Many state/ municipality-owned or controlled organizations are undergoing fundamental transformations in order to eliminate corruption, inefficient management, introduce modern management elements, or improve the quality of services provided to citizens.
  • Often these intentions stand and fall on the people who make up the organization.
  • Will your people support the change, or will you fight against enemies in your own ranks?


  • We will carry out an HR audit of key employees in the form of personal interviews and help the top management to make a decision on which employees to keep, which role to change, and which ones to say goodbye to.


Solution description:

  • The job description, inputs and outputs at a given position analysis.
  • Processing of the employee’s profile from the point of view:
    • Currently required skills for the position and future development.
    • Current performance in the given position and its expected long-term and future development.
    • Experience required for the position and estimation of the ability to take on new experience and responsibilities.
    • Employee archetype processing.
    • Mapping the informal influence among employees.
    • Processing of results and a workshop with the company’s management on setting up the organizational structure.

How long will it take?

  • 40 days