Smart Tiles

Stop repetitive work during data input and save time.


Get your work done quicker with a tool for generating automatically pre-filled objects. The app collects data on recently used transactions and operations and tries to offer the user the option he most likely needs.


The use of the app is for both standard and custom objects. Accelerate user data input and boost productivity on standard or custom fields. You can accelerate data entry also on mobile devices.


Increase user adoption. The choice of objects and fields that the application pre-fills is up to the admin user.  The app dynamically and predictively fills in the fields you select in the object.

Ever wish that you could hit during data input the button “FILL IN FOR ME”. We don’t have it either, but the application SMART TILES allows the creation of new records by pre-filling the object and allows data entry based on a predictive mechanism. This functionality significantly reduces the time required to create a new record.

It is possible to customize whether the Smart Tile will be accessible only to a specific user or for the entire organization.

With a simple install, an intuitive user interface, and easy-to-use customization, you will save time and speed up deployment.

Once installed, simply set up a smart object (e.g. Contacts) and add the number of variants and field object selection. Then you will receive the object creation HUB menu.