Ultimate Customer Support System Solution

Who is the solution for:

  • B2B companies with a Sales Cloud without an adequate customer support system.
  • Large contact centres.
  • Companies in need of field service (Field Service Management FSM optional).


  • Non-existent or non-functioning system of registration and resolution of complaints from customers.
  • Low productivity of support staff (lack of productivity tools, low automation, scattered customer information, difficulty finding information).
  • Low customer satisfaction, reduced customer loyalty, poor brand perception.
  • Long time handling support cases.
  • Concentration on one type of support channels.
  • High operational costs associated with managing a contact centre or support department.
  • The interrupted flow of information between sales and support.
  • Missing or insufficient knowledge base.
  • Low flexibility and insufficient process optimization when changing requirements for fieldwork (FSM).


  • Accelerate case resolution by 31% with complete processing of Case management (acquisition, sorting, omnichannel allocation, status and process monitoring of various types of cases).
  • Expand your choice of customers in terms of the type of contact with your company by setting up an omnichannel environment for receiving suggestions from various sources, including integration into a telephone exchange.
  • Strengthening the functioning and interactions of customers on various digital platforms, monitoring sentiment for early detection of the problem (up to 42% of interactions are in digital form).
  • Reduce the number of actual cases by 50% by setting up communities and environments for self-help customers.
  • Reduction of service centre costs by 25%.
  • Personalize communication with your customers by properly obtaining and using customer information.
  • 360 ° view of the company and its customers, connecting various customer information in one place.
  • Possible replacement of various other systems or their integration with SFDC (depending on needs).
  • Improving the required KPIs in the company.
  • Ensure data protection and information integrity by setting user rights and procedures exactly based on specifications.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by 32% with a combination of settings in the system.
  • Increase user productivity by setting up appropriate automation processes, productive tools and the work environment in the application (different for different user groups).
  • Availability of information in real-time and via a mobile application.
  • Using a knowledge database to speed up case resolution and increase solution quality.
  • Use of artificial intelligence for case solving, behaviour prediction, process optimization and service analytics.
  • Process optimization associated with the operation of the company in the field (FSM).
  • Output reporting and dynamic dashboards not only regarding historical data but also development.
  • Data visualization and applications tailored to different user groups.


Solution description:

  • An introductory workshop where we will find out exactly how it works and propose a solution.
  • Project management.
  • Complete documentation.
  • Installation and basic system settings.
  • Settings according to the required solution and areas.
  • Data migration.
  • End-user training.
  • Operation support.

How long will it take?

  • 30 days