How To Be One Step Ahead of Customer?

Customers are online 24/7 – the current digital era is increasing the user demands on information systems and technology. Customers are online round the clock, so to speak, and not just at work or at home, but really anywhere.

Individual companies communication with clients so runs on a variety of devices (computer, tablet, smartphone) and through different channels (email, phone, social networks). Customer information is thus fragmented across multiple platforms. To allow company flexibility to respond to client requests, and also to predict their expectations, it is necessary to integrate all sources of information and analysis in real time.

The key messages become:
  • Real-time insight – complete history of the client and predictive analysis;
  • Real-time interaction – communication with the individual through various channels;
  • Real-time execution – effective planning and execution of delivery.
SAP 360 Customer  These requirements can satisfy performance “in-memery computing” platform based on SAP HANA, which integrates both transactional customer data, but also information on their activities, as well as data from social media. Platform can be operated in the “cloud”, “on-premise”, but also on any device. 


SAP HANA key idea is to be one step ahead of your customers and thus be able to identify their needs even before they do so by themselves.
SAP already speaks not only of CRM – a tool that helps manage the relationship with clients and as a result drive business. SAP has said the new solution, which covers “End-to-End Business” processes with the active involvement of customers.

We are talking about  SAP 360 Customer, powered HANA platform. SAP 360 Customer integrates:
  • CRM (Customer Relationship Management);
  • BRIM (Billing and Revenue Management Innovation);
  • RTOM (Real Time Offer Management);
  • JAM (social networking SAP);
  • DIARY SALES (Notes and Activity Management for sales).
SAP 360 Customer integrates the following analytical tools:
  • Customer Intelligence Value – Analysis of data from various sources for the purpose of investing funds into the right customers and products;
  • Account Intelligence – tool sales representatives and managers, which provides an overview and recommendations for customers;
  • Audiance Discovery and Targeting – a tool that allows quick and easy customer segmentation, as well as the management of the target groups for the purpose of initiating personalized offers and communications.

Experts Will Advise You

Anodius is an official certified SAP partner. We have a team of professionals to help you with your SAP solution design, implementation, user training and any post-implementation services.

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