Motivation is the right way in SAP Commissions

What is SAP Commissions?


A simple and clear cloud solution for calculation of commissions, rates and bonuses for sellers. It will accomplish this primary goal with ease. Let’s focus on the secondary one. What is it? Sales management through sellers. How? As follows: Product A sells less than we originally intended. We would like to sell 2,000 more Product A on Market 1. We will adjust commissions to sellers so that motivation leads them to higher sales of Product A on Market 1.


SAP Commissions_01


Who is SAP Commissions for?


For all who want to maximize sales performance, improve sales experience and make sale more precise. Large sales teams, excessive and periodic transaction volume will be automatically managed so easily that you forget their robustness.


SAP Commissions_02


It doesn’t matter how many products and brands you sell, or in how many currencies. You can always count on SAP Commissions calculations.


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Why use SAP Commissions?


You will bring transparency and flexibility to your team. Matching your business and individual goals creates a successful sales cycle. Ensure the fairness and efficiency of rewards with a system that is right.

SAP Commissions_04


Increase clarity by integrating critical information and reports into one view. Each seller and manager can customize the screen as they prefer. Adjusting the calculation is easy and implementation is fast. As a result, your distribution channels will grow.


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Are you still using spreadsheet compensation plan? Contact us and we will be happy to introduce SAP Commissions.


Andrea Novosadová, CX consultant