The All-in-One dynamic booking system

Does your company use shared meeting rooms, vehicles, electric scooters, OR do you have a flexible seating policy in your open space?

If you don’t, it probably happened to you too, that you needed to visit your customer relying on using one of the shared vehicles. But you had no idea if they were available and had no way to verify it or reserve it, so you ended up using public transportation and being late to your appointment. Or it could be that you had arranged an important meeting that you had to attend in your small office instead of the office meeting room from the same mentioned reasons. And the tightness of the space certainly did not help the already dense atmosphere.
The All-in-One dynamic booking system 1


Today, almost every company, including ours, faces at least one of these challenges. Therefore, like you, at some point, we decided to start looking for a universal and straightforward solution in the form of a reservation system. However, we found only very strictly limited pre-assembled solutions, the price of which did not correspond with their added value.

Therefore, we decided to test our capabilities and develop our solution that would be safe, flexible and easy to use. We didn’t have to go far for a suitable platform. Thanks to our experience, we chose the SAP Cloud Platform to deliver a secure, flexible and connectable solution with various systems.

During the development, we focused on elements that we could not find on the market. Therefore, our application is straightforward, efficient, and easy to expand—expandable both within the objects (things) that can be reserved in it and its functionalities. You can add individual reservation objects to it yourself. When purchasing new equipment or expanding spaces, all you need to do is have your administrator add them to the All-in-One dynamic reservation system. And these are immediately available for booking by your staff.

Organized overview of created reservations

The All-in-One dynamic booking system 2


What does the reservation look like in practice?


For the simplest and fastest possible creation of a reservation, we have proposed several options for creating a reservation for this application. You can make a reservation practically from anywhere. For even greater flexibility, there are several options to choose from within the platform.

On your computer, you can make a reservation via a browser or directly from Outlook. On a mobile phone via the web or application, while with the help of NFC technology meaning QR code, you need just two clicks.

We prefer to use NFC the most, where you attach the device to the NFC sticker placed directly on the reserved object and the user is redirected to the reservation screen with the object. All you have to do is select the date, time and confirm the reservation. The alternative with a QR code involves one extra step – opening the camera on a mobile device, so we included it mainly as an alternative solution for older devices that do not support NFC.

Example of reservation using the QR code


More expansion options

In addition to adding and removing booking objects, we also provide flexibility in the appearance and functions of the All-in-One dynamic booking system we offer. In the basic setting of the reservation system, everything necessary is there for its immediate deployment. However, based on your needs, it is possible to expand the basic functions in the following ways:

Customized screens

Adaptability and flexibility are great features, but having too many options is not always desirable. Too many options prolong the decision-making process and increase maintenance requirements. For example, some objects are not very dynamic, e.g. such as meeting rooms, when was the last time their quantity changed? In some cases, it is not necessary to have as much flexibility as our application offers. We also thought about these cases, and we can adapt the application to your specific needs by creating customized screens.


Other examples, to get a better idea:

Work tables or parking spaces would come in handy, e.g. some form of visualization of the parking lot so that your employees do not waste time looking for them.

The current appearance of the booking screen (on a mobile device)

The All-in-One dynamic booking system 4

Alternative appearance of the reservation screen:

The All-in-One dynamic booking system 5


IoT (Internet of Things) devices

IoT devices are usually almost invisible, but the benefits they bring are tangible. Several articles and studies show how companies survived the pandemic crisis, thanks to such devices. They can automate and increase the efficiency of various processes, and if used correctly, they require only a minimum of energy and maintenance. Sensors used in IoT devices can also be integrated into our reservation system.  For example, to monitor the occupancy of parking spaces or display the status of the reservation of an object in the offline world by changing the lighting colour on the object. It is also possible to equip the meeting room via IoT technology with signaling displays showing the booking data and the current meeting.

Specific examples of their use:

These devices can indicate whether the desk or the meeting room has already been reserved without opening the reservation application.

You can receive a notification if you park in a place that has already been reserved by your colleague.


Security is an increasingly discussed topic, and its importance is recognized not only by professionals but also by the general public. With the growing number of smart devices and services, this trend will intensify. However, this does not necessarily mean an additional burden in the form of overlapping credentials. You can integrate the reservation system with identity providers that you already use in the company (e.g. Active Directory) and use SSO (single sign-on). Your employees will not have to log in again to make a reservation.

The crisis of 2020 has shown us that the digitization of businesses is essential. However, you don’t have to consider it an inevitable evil. It is better to look at it as something that allows you to do everyday activities more efficiently and quickly. Our solution aims to help you adapt to the conditions of the new digital age. Because Experience Matters.

If you are interested in this smartFIX solution from our workshop, do not hesitate to contact us.



Tomáš Potzy, CX Consultant