“Anodius has provided us with agile support in the implementation of GDPR customer processes.”
Tomas Mirejovsky, E.ON Business Services CZ
“The collaboration on the implementation of the new SAP CRM system was carried out by the retail team, led by the supplier Stanislav Micheller, at a professional level and with a high interest in meeting customer requirements. The solution has been proposed in a comprehensive manner and always taking into account future needs and requirements of the implemented system.  All agreed terms have been respected and met, despite the very ambitious timeline of the whole project.  Collaboration of the whole team was non-conflict and human-friendly.
Jitka Kortanova, CEZ Prodej
Excellent reputation and uniqueness of CRM services based on SAP were the main reasons of engagement in CEZ project, moreover Anodius has a utility industry rich experience.” 
Martin Helikar, SAP Czech Republic

Mentioned about us

Anodius has long been one of SAP  preferred vendors and has made a significant contribution to implementing and enhancing SAP CRM 7.0 solution.
Lubos Kotoun, E.ON Business Services CZ
SMART metering – Implementation AMI devices in ISU 6.04 (EHP4)”
Vojtech Marek, ZSE
Anodius team has done a geat job here in Energetika Ljubljana.  SAP CRM system is fully functional, the previous month is closed and ready for billing.”
Bojan Judic, Energetika Ljubljana
SAP CRM solution, delivered in cooperation with Anodius, provides us a single view of all customer contact from all communication channels.  We can now route contacts to the right agent according to the predetermined rules to decrease response time and optimize service quality for better customer satisfaction.
Leona Schovancova, RWE
Anodius team has done an excellent job for us!  They deliver a high quality work with deep focus on all business aspects and make sure the customer is happy.  We will continue to work with them and highly recommend them to anyone looking for Salesforce implementations.
Daniel Paracka, A.ON Risk Solutions
The work Anodius has delivered would be hardly deliverable otherwise.  Thanks to Anodius SAP CRM system and all its processes, workflows and activities are succesfully live.”
Vojtech Marek, ZSE

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