SAP Replication and Check AddOn Solution

Robust utility companies that use standard integrated solution of SAP IS-U and SAP CRM have to deal with the data exchange among systems in order to cover all core business processes.  This often creates a difficult challenge and additional administratin as all master and transaction data must be consistent.

Due to the complexity of the business processes, the unprocessed replication and inconsistencies could be quite demanding for human resources and technical knowledge.  Daily administration must be carried out and monitored. These tasks included everything from inbound-outbound queues in the CRM and IS-U, middleware, error monitoring to shortdumps, switch documents, iDocs, and more.  The daily upkeep is important because if inconsistent data is found throughout the integrated systems, it can negatively influence the business process and quality of the service.

The solution is SAP. This tool provides monitoring of contract and technical data as well as provides consistency for utility with the scenario called SAP Utility Check Cockpit.  The concept is based on scheduled runs for system data consistency checks using the implemented standard and custom controls.
SAP Replication & Check AddOn

Check Cockpit provides additional features via

  • Adjustable repairs assigned directly to the type of error;
  • Navigation links in the context of the type of error for additional analysis;
  • Easy error navigation via links based on the type of errors for additional analysis;
  • Directly control run output visible on the utility contract for end user.

How to prevent replication problem occurrance?

These components deal with already existing issues in the system. Conversely, the purpose of SAP Replication Framework by Anodius is to prevent occurrence of problems. 

Its components consist of:
  • Replication Manager – smart management of utility contact replication based on IS-U and CRM contract status. Component and its processing are visible on CRM contract in WebUI;
  • MDG Optimizer – smart master data generator call for CRM contract upload to IS-U. Enhanced consistency check for IS-U contract and installation data. Evaluates replicated data beyond standard function.


SAP Master Data Replication AddOn
SAP Master Data Replication AddOn

Main benefits:

  • Comprehensive solution for data consistency from one place;
  • Systematic monitoring of problem solving. Output is the basis for further optimization;
  • Simple handling for check and repair runs;
  • Smart control of replication eliminating the occurrence of new errors;
  • Consistency indicator visible for end user during support of business processes;
  • Reduced costs due to reduction of claims for “know-how” and the capacity for the first level of IT support;
  • Increased quality of service to the end customer.
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Experts will advise you

Anodius is an official SAP services partner & VAR.  We have a team of professionals ready to advise you with the design, implementation and the training of the SAP Solutions.

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