Why SAP Customer Experience (CX)

Modern technology has empowered consumers to want more than products and services, creating an experience-based economy where relationships with customers don’t end at the point of transaction but continue well beyond it. Businesses that successfully provide a superior customer experience (CX) by delivering the right product or service at the right price and time—and with the right customer service— increase their chances of survival and position themselves for success.

Customer Service as the Foundation of CX

Building top-notch customer service is one of the best ways to create strong and healthy relationships with their customers. Customer loyalty studies have discovered that 47 per cent of customers don’t wait even a day after receiving poor customer service before taking their business to a competitor.

What many businesses don’t realize is that most consumers naturally avoid confrontation. According to Ombudsman Services, a UK-based ombudsman that resolves disputes between consumers and businesses, almost every other shopper has either walked out or given up before completing a purchase offline or online without first making a complaint as a result of poor service.

very business that wants to provide a superior customer experience must realize that complaints are just another form of feedback, making them tremendously valuable. “With disillusionment giving way to a new type of consumer activism, businesses need to shift their thinking when it comes to customer experience and complaint handling,” states Ombudsman Services in its Consumer action monitor report 2018.

Many businesses are turning to easy-to-use, easy-to-implement cloud-based customer experience solutions like Qualtrics – businesses can capture their customers’ feelings and insights in real-time and pass them directly to managers and staff, ensuring that customers always have front-line contact with employees and are rewarded for their feedback.

When customers feel that the right person will hear their complaints, they are much less likely to walk away or give up, leading to a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Prečo SAP Customer Experience (CX)

Plenty of Room to Innovate

According to the 5th annual Customer Experience Index study published by IBM’s Institute for Business Value (IBV), 39 percent of businesses are either falling behind or lagging when it comes to customer experience, with the average customer experience score being weak 33 out of 100.

Surprisingly, businesses scored even weaker on personalization. However, SAP Customer Experience, a comprehensive customer experience SaaS software solution that helps businesses understand their customers and gives them relevant contextual experiences throughout their journeys, has been available for some time.

When you think about CX, a lot of times, the connections to the back office and supply chain are missing. There might be a marketing message or a good experience online. But if your supply chain isn’t delivering a good experience in offline channels, for instance, then all the other stuff you do to describe and market your business falls flat,” says Alex Atzberger, President of SAP Customer Experience.

“That’s where we can put the difficult stuff into the CX, rather than just the nice and shiny work. SAP always gets the difficult stuff done. It’s about having that one customer view, rather than the internal view of marketing versus service, and looking at the customer as one identity on a connected customer journey.”

SAP Customer Experience helps businesses reinvent their customer experiences, which is by far the best tactic for improving customer lifetime value in today’s economy, where customers always have multiple alternatives at their fingertips.


Those who successfully leverage modern customer experience software solutions and embrace the path of innovation by constantly seeking new ways to enhance their experiences are guaranteed to thrive in an experience-based economy.  Contact us for more information.

Matej Belák, Partner – SAP Cloud Solutions