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Imagine you are a company manager and your new employee is at work for the first day. This may be the work of an accountant, call centre person, production manager or an invoice clerk. A system is opened, which he is not familiar with yet, e.g. SAP. Before, he needed several weeks to be taught by his superior how to work in a new system and with new company processes. And, to make matters even worse, subsequently all employees need annually a couple of weeks to take part in trainings repeatedly and to learn new processes.

Do such situations happen to you regularly? If you knew there is an application which saves your costs and time for transfer of knowledge among the employees, would you consider its implementation?

This system is exactly SAP Enable Now. This is a down-the-line application hidden at the edge of the screen. Do you want to create an invoice and you have never done this? Click on the Search field and enter the magic formula „Create invoice“. A process will show up. Click on the Run icon and, directly in SAP, an Invoice Process Guide will stepwise highlight the fields which are necessary to be filled for successful completion of the process. Of course, together with explanation.

SAP Enable Now
SAP Enable Now

You do not use SAP? No problem! SAP Enable Now can be used together with any software.

Of course, the Process Guide in real time is not the only option offered by SAP Enable Now. Your employees will have continual access to all teaching materials, which will be stored in one place. Here, you can simply maintain, update and categorize them and have continual overview of available documents for the employees. SAP Enable Now creates not only interactive helps for company processes, but also videos of individual processes, exercises, tests, handbooks, books, presentations and other teaching documents. If you thought all of those documents will have to be created repeatedly and independently, this is not the case. SAP Enable Now is so clever that after documenting of the process it will conjure up all variations by practically one click.

Is the user stuck in a situation which he cannot resolve? Through SAP Enable Now, he simply records the steps he has performed and sends them to the consultant, who will fix the problem effectively thanks to the detailed description.

The most modern technologies are here specially to assist us, to simplify the work and decrease the costs. By using SAP Enable Now, you will decrease the demandingness and time of schooling in of new employees, you will increase their satisfaction, which will bring you higher effectiveness and profit. I simply like this idea. What about you?

Are you impressed too? Look at the short demo of the application directly in the video under the article. In case of any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly answer them, or reserve your time slot for one of our online courses

Andrea Novosadová, CRM Consultant

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