What’s New in SAP Sales Cloud 1908 (part 2)?

What’s new in the latest release of the 1908 SAP Service Cloud? See a brief and clear overview of what this might mean for your company.

During this summer, the SAP company launches an upgrade of Sales Cloud and Service Cloud to the newest version with a 1908 trademark. The testing tenants for all customers will be upgraded during the last weekend of July, followed by the production tenants on August 10-11, 2019. In this article, we will go through the most important changes in SAP Sales Cloud, which make the work easier and quicker to end-users.


Release 1908 for Service Cloud brings news in the areas:

  • Service channels
  • Ticket management
  • SAP Field Service Management
  • Industry / Utilities


Service channels – Chat

In the new release, Live Activity Center will allow inserting new SAP Contact Center widget, which supports multiple chat sessions.

What’s New in SAP Sales Cloud 1908 (part 2) 1

Ticket management

In the Ticket, the users will have the option to add pictures to the Description and Work description, enabling the users to describe the problem better. The form for the Ticket survey may also contain those pictures.

What’s New in SAP Sales Cloud 1908 (part 2) 2

From now on, the often requested Query for the Tickets will be accessible, comprising accounts and contacts related to the Ticket. This will allow you to see the Tickets with a specific account or individual customer or contact being in any role.

What’s New in SAP Sales Cloud 1908 (part 2) 2

SAP Field Service Management (FSM)

Integration of Service Cloud with FSM allows fulfilling the end-to-end service process, where omnichannel support and initial ticket planning are done in C4C and arrangement and performance of the service in FSM on a mobile device, whereby information is updated/replicated from one system to the other.
What’s New in SAP Sales Cloud 1908 (part 2) 3

Utilities (utilization of an application/segment?)

New Landlord/Tenant display will allow you to see the real estate details (validity dates, events, contractual accounts), information on the real estate owner as well as the customer (contractual) information for installation within the real estate.

What’s New in SAP Sales Cloud 1908 (part 2) 5

If you were interested in the news published in Release 1905 and you would like to learn more about them, the Anodius company offers first-class certified services and
consultations in all areas of SAP Customer Experience.

 Dominik Filip, CRM Consultant

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