What is Sugar CRM

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Regardless of your business location, Sugar CRM can assist you in providing your customers with the best experiences possible.

Today’s commercial environment allows your business not just to serve your customer but to operate as an extension of your customer base. What does this mean? It means that you are engaged with your customers to such a degree that you can anticipate their needs even before those needs arise. It means that your sales and marketing teams enjoy the freedom of being customer-focused rather than obsessing about the process.

Everything-You-Need Automated Marketing

sugar marketing

Marketing with Sugar
will provide you with an everything-you-need automated marketing solution built specifically for your business. Its bespoke set of marketing tools include intuitive and user-friendly campaign builders, advanced levels of automation, and state-of-the-art reporting functionality. When developing Sugar CRM, our focus was on the things that matter in marketing: streamlined campaigns, maximizing conversions, increasing revenue, and understanding the customer.

Multi-channel Marketing for All Business Needs
Sugar CRM enables your business to engage and communicate with your customers – wherever they are, whatever the time of day. Sugar’s automated cloud-based marketing system provides you with the tools to successfully manage your marketing across all channels: email, social media, Adwords, and more.

Close the Marketing Loop with Sales
Sugar CRM closes the loop on the two key aspects of your business; marketing and sales. Sugar Market and Sugar Sell seamlessly integrate these so that you can track the behaviors of prospects and customers throughout the entire marketing and sales cycles. This integration allows you to increase the number of new prospects that get handed-off to Sales, as well as to capture new marketing opportunities for existing customers. Result? Of course, increased sales and revenue.

Next-Level Customer Relationship Management

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Win More Deals with Collaborative Selling
Sugar Sell enables collaborative selling through collating key prospect and customer data. This collaboration means that everyone on your team can see the same data (emails, conversations, actions, etc.) and be ‘on the same page.’ No more having to get the customer to cover old ground; anyone can pick up the sale at whatever point it is in the sales cycle. Less time wasted, less frustrated customers/prospects, more deals!

Minimize Sales Costs and Deliver a Better Customer Buying Experience
By using Sugar Sell, you will have more time to engage with your customers and less time on mundane administrative tasks such as imputing data. Sugar Sell automates the whole process, including email notifications, lead generation, approving quotations, and much more. With Sugar Sell, the CRM is working for you, not you working for it, as is often the case.

Gain a New Level of Visibility into the Business
Sugar CRM provides each one of your team with their own dashboard that can be personalized to their role. They will have the ability to efficiently monitor and track their activities, pending tasks, and progress against key performance indicators (KPIs) and more. With just a couple of clicks, your team can focus on any activity and get a detailed insight into its progress.

A Superior Customer Service Platform

sugar service

Giving your team the level of oversight of all customers will enable your business to provide unprecedented customer service, leading to enhanced customer relationships and loyalty. By providing a positive experience at every point-of-contact throughout the sales process, you can build such relationships.

Sugar gives you the power to do just this.Eliminate, once and for all, stove-piped tools where key information gets hoarded, hidden, or just forgotten. Open up your sales cycle to your whole team, so that your customers can be served with greater speed and with greater ease.

A Powerful, Process-Driven Support Solution
With its ready-to-go SLA management work-flows, reports, and the latest self-service capabilities, Sugar Serve gives you everything your business needs to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Finally, a True 360-Degree View of Your Customers
Sugar Serve utilizes Sugar CRM’s unique and intelligent platform, allowing you and your team instant access to critical customer data and insights. You can then make better-informed decisions; resolve customer-satisfaction issues quicker; provide a better overall customer experience.


Contact us to learn more about Sugar CRM and start taking full advantage of a modern platform to transform your organization already today. – Roman Kucak, Partner