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Unlike cheaper but often cumbersome and increasingly uncertain offshoring abroad, nearshoring within the EU offers everything but a better and more efficient price-performance ratio due to geographical proximity, harmonized EU legislation, effective communication, and both Prague and Bratislava have an excellent geographic location in the heart of Europe.

Your Nextdoor IT Partner

Staying in the EU – especially in joint projects where the company’s employees interact, it is extremely important that both parties share not only similar values but also the same work culture. With specialists and highly qualified staff from nearby EU countries, you can firmly assume that they will share your idea of professionalism, punctuality, and work methodology. This solid technical and social foundation supports relaxed communication and leads your joint project to sustainable success.

Availability – your nearshoring partner is available to you at any time during normal working hours, as well as in case of emergency, just as if he were sitting in a side building. It is important not only for everyday business but also extremely important in case of emergency.

Side-by-side partner – even if you work primarily with your nearshoring partner online, face-to-face meetings may be required; whether for training, project meetings, or problem-solving; which can be easily and timely organized at your place or in our premises. The journey from Bratislava or Prague takes only a few hours and the flight usually does not take more than an hour and a half.

Best value for money – CEE countries are not low-wage countries like China and India, but wages and living costs are still significantly lower than, for example, in Germany or Switzerland, where the price of developers’ labor ranges from 2.5 to 4. 5 times higher. Nearshoring can therefore significantly save costs without sacrificing quality, sustainability, and safety.

Security – EU nearshoring offers not only legal certainty and seamless accounting and banking services. The key issue of data protection is also legally covered in the same way in all EU countries. Companies that use IT services outside the European Economic Area, on the other hand, need to check whether adequate data protection is guaranteed, which is considered insufficient, especially in popular offshore countries such as India or Vietnam.


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