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AND consulting services have the additional benefits of value utilized by Experience Management (EM) solutions. The reason is simple. We work with real professionals with many years of practice and success stories, who have worked in the areas of HR, marketing, sales or change management.

Consultations are not being done by IT engineers who will teach you how to operate the software. AND consultations are being done by professionals to help you improve your existing goals, strategies, and processes, and at the same time, recommend and oversee the implementation of a technology solution that meets these modified and changing business needs. Because, in our opinion, this is the only way how to implement EX and CX solutions with high added value for our customers. The solution that makes money, because it brings new customers and higher revenue.

At AND, we are specialists in technology solutions for improving EM in the areas of  HR, Marketing, Sales, and Service.

“Experience Matters” is our slogan; thus we always want to provide our customers with a positive experience at all organizational levels affected by our solution.

At the same time, we want to be leaders in the implementation of useful EX and CX solutions. That’s why, for us, it does not end with selling the software to our customers. We want, and we can provide our customers with technological and business solutions resulting not only into having their software successfully installed, but also handing over implemented know-how for a long-term improvement of the company profit.


Why invest in EX, CX a CRM (EM) solutions?

EM technologies and solutions increase business profitability by streamlining processes, increasing productivity, product/ service/ business model innovation, helping to attract new customers, and providing better data for better decision making. The key advantage is gaining significantly better knowledge of customers. Good customer experience leads to customer loyalty and revenue growth. Fast response (ideally faster than the competition) to customer requirements today, is a major competitive advantage. However, digitization and quality EX and CX solutions are or will soon be a matter of survival for many companies.

Good customer experience leads to customer loyalty and revenue growth. Fast response time (ideally quicker than competitors) to customer requirements is now a significant competitive advantage. However, for many companies, digitization and quality EX and CX solutions are or will soon be a matter of survival.

Besides, every euro invested in the successful implementation of a quality EM solution will return 5 to 10 times.


The AND DO represents end-to-end solutions and services for the purpose of so-called “turnkey help” and solve your needs in the field of EX or CX.

The following phases are included:


Often what appears to be a problem or a challenge is only a symptom and the real problem needs to be identified in detail. If a functional EX or CX solution is to be deployed, it is necessary to correctly and accurately identify the problems, needs and requirements of the organization in the areas of HR, Marketing, Sales and Service. We are proud of the right identification of needs because we want to offer useful solutions that are tailored to the customers’ needs. We do not want to sell a larger or smaller solution. We want to sell exactly the functional solution that will bring added value and long-term satisfaction to the customer. Because reputation is important and Experience Matters.


  • Situational analysis and correctly identifying problems and needs in the area that need to be addressed.
  • Proposal for a possible solution (people, processes, process automation)
  • Identification of the resources (people, time, money) needed to deploy the solution.
  • Feasibility study of solution.



The organization does not always have all the data and information necessary to successfully use EX, CX solutions. This is primarily customer or employee experience data, without which it is impossible to successfully use any EM solution. Since we are very interested in the success of the deployment, we can also take care of the lack of X-data.

  • Identifying knowledge needs and monitoring of customer experience.
  • Defining goals and strategies for data acquisition, evaluation and management
  • Implementation of AI data collection and analysis technology.
  • Setting up data collection (target groups, questionnaires, collection process).
  • Creating dashboards for data evaluation.
  • Regular update of data needs and new technology settings.


To successfully deploy EM solutions, it is necessary to manage any process as a complex change that has, in addition to technological aspects, also major organizational and behavioral impacts.


  • Clear formulation and communication of vision, goals and reasons for implementing solutions.
  • Preparation of the environment for change support (organizational readiness diagnostics)
  • Strategies and tactics for managing resistance to change (communication strategy, user involvement, training / support, etc.).
  • Creation, supervision, resp. management of agile project teams with sufficient competencies for successfully managing the change.
  • Detailed project and implementation plan (schedule of activities, timetable, control mechanisms, personnel responsibility and budget).
  • Setting rating metrics for successfully handling the change.


When deploying any EM systems, we are fully available to the customers and we create a functional solution together with them to fully meet their requirements. Our goal is to deliver a fully functional solution that will be used regularly and will leave a positive user experience with the system.

  • Setting system objects and processes.
  • Setting parameters for functional automation.
  • Integration with other systems.
  • Customizing AI according to customer needs.
  • Testing functionality and satisfying customer needs.
  • Social media connections.
  • Training users for the new solution and business use of the solution.



Our priority is to provide customers with lifetime value. Therefore, we do not abandon them after the successful deployment of CX solutions, but at regular intervals, we analyze feedback and adapt the original solution to the new needs and incorporate new functionalities that the customer receives in regular system updates.

  • Solutions metrics and ratings.
  • Revision of the needs of customers, employees.
  • Proposals to modify the solution.
  • Deploying a customized solution.
  • Introduction of new functionalities.
  • Proposal for their incorporation and implementation of those functions.
  • Training of business users.

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