Tired of filling the fields over and over again in Salesforce?

Do you or your employees work in a department where you regularly create hundreds of data?

Are you inserting a new record and you have to fill in all the fields over and over again?



Creating new records, especially those that have many fields, can be time-consuming. In addition, re-filling in the same fields with the same data can often be frustrating.


Do you wish to have a miracle button – please fill it in for me?


We have good news for you. Although we didn’t find the button either, we have the Smart Tiles application for you, which was developed by our developers. With this application, you can now make it easier to routinely and repeatedly fill in fields when inserting new records in Salesforce.


Let the machine work for you and devote the time saved to more creative activities.


SMART TILES dynamically and predictively fills in the fields you select in the object.





With Smart Tiles you no longer have to fill in the same fields repeatedly, App will do it intelligently and comfortably for you. It will save you not only time but also a few mistakes. You can use it on both standard and custom objects.



As a user, you can create and use only those Smart Tiles and their fields to which you have access according to the defined structure and permissions. There is no need to create new permissions on the objects affected by the use of the application. You will only need to have access to the Smart Tiles application as such.



With our predictive algorithms in the background, the system will offer you anticipated options and give you a choice. The choice of objects and fields that the system pre-fills you is up to you. You can also modify them later.




With the paid version, you can create as many active Smart Objects as you want. With the free version, you can have an unlimited number of inactive objects and two of them with the status Active.



Not only can you choose from the Smart objects and tiles you have created, but you can also have the ones created by someone else and offered to the whole organization.




So what do you gain?


Hours and hours saved, reduced error rate and higher data quality, more space for business development. Especially suitable for frequent or many records with repeating fields or a large number of fields. You can also make Smart Tiles available to your customers or external collaborators in community portals.

More detailed setup instructions can be found here, and here you can also watch a nice video about this Smart Tiles App.

Click here to download the App on AppExchange.

Martina Romanová
,  Salesforce consultant