SAP CRM Basic Customizing of Sales Cycle Operation

  • Designed for: Junior Consultant, the utility industry
  • Language of training: SK, ENG
  • Duration: 3-7 days
  • ID: CRMC06

Experience needed:

  • At least basic knowledge / orientation in SAP CRM (CRMC01);
  • At least basic knowledge of CRMC02 master data and CRM products is required.

Training content:

  • Setting of OP identification in the role of IC;
  • Setting up a sales cycle (business tip, opportunity, bid, contract);
  • Asset management (contact, journal);
  • Integration of calendar to groupware;
  • Copying the operation and subsequent operations;
  • Date settings, parter functions, share profiles, status schemas, organizational data, text schemas;
  • Incompleteness of the operation.

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