How To Make 1-to-1 Engagement a Reality (Personalization Marketing)

Make 1-to-1 engagement a reality or personalization in marketing — across all touchpoints. Deliver truly relevant customer experiences with Salesforce’s leading real-time personalization and interaction management solution.


Understand each customer’s wants and needs.
  • Recognize your customers.
  • Understand the business context.
  • Know your customer’s next move.
  • Round out the picture.
Improve every campaign as it runs.

  • Make the best decision, automatically.
  • Recommend products and content for each customer.
  • Guide customers where they want to go.
  • Control the process.

Connect your customers’ online and offline moments.

  • Meet your customers where they are.
  • Go mobile.
  • Bridge digital and offline experiences.
  • Unify your messaging.
Know what hits home — and what doesn’t.
  • Compare and optimize experiences.
  • Track against business-wide goals.
  • Segment your audiences.
  • Use your data to look ahead.



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