In May 2019, in SAP there was a new release of SAP Marketing Cloud issued, named 1905. The latest version brings at once a number of new innovative functionalities, making your life in the world of modern marketing more comfortable.

News brought by SAP Marketing Cloud 1905:

Marketing overview page

On this page you will find all necessary information you need to see as a marketing expert at first sight. Here you will find the information regarding latest events, recently running campaigns, evaluation of already closed campaigns, KPI and much more information. The advantage of this page is also that it can be uniquely customized for any user according to his/her specific requirements and to show only relevant data, bringing you the possibility to work with the displayed data more effectively and to be able to optimize the campaigns „on the run“.


New Landing Page Editor

At creation of the campaigns, it is very important to attract the customer already at the landing page of our campaign. Newly, an integrated part of the SAP Marketing Cloud is also an improved editor of the landing pages, in which you can simply and intuitively, with the help of the „drag and drop“ function, create a landing page as you wish. Of course, the page you create will be fully responsive and accessible on all types of equipment. By entering simple forms, you will be able to access data on your customers, and you will appreciate this especially when creating successful campaigns.


Marketing Events

This release, regarding marketing events, was focused on integration of webinars directly into SAP Marketing Cloud. Thanks to the webinars, you can be in even closer contact you’re your already existing customers, or to acquire new contacts to potential customers by means of registration to the webinar. As soon as the webinar is closed, you can view how many people have followed this webinar, the number of the registered applicants, the number of new contacts etc. On the basis of those data, you are able to evaluate this webinar – if it brought you the required success you expected.


Adform audiences campaigns

Newly, there is possible an integration of SAP Marketing Cloud with Adform Advertiser Edge, which brings you a new campaign type, Adform Audiences. In this type of campaigns, you can create graphic advertisements in any format and subsequently distribute them via the Adform Suite application to your customers. Thereby, you are able to control another marketing tool from one single site without the need to move to other systems, saving your time and increasing work effectiveness.

Demand unit 

Demand units were integrated onto the site of marketing overview. All contacts proposed in the demand unit have the same interest and are identified on the basis of commitment in this interest. This allows unique overview of your customers, and the proposed demand units can be used as a part of the marketing strategy based on your accounts (e.g. when using so-called „Always-on campaigns“).


The SAP Marketing Cloud 1905 dated May this year brought us new functionalities focused firstly on making the work of your marketing experts more effective, but the advantages delivered will be also appreciated by the end consumer, who will, thanks to the even deeper personalization, feel more comfortable with the services you offer.

If you feel attracted by SAP Marketing Cloud 1905 in any way, please do not hesitate to contact us and you will learn much more from the certified specialists and consultants at the Anodius company.

Robert Hassel, CRM Consultant

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