2. September 2021

SAP Cloud for Customer ver. 2108

What’s new in 2108 for Internal & Portal Memo

  1. TinyMCE: Internal & Portal Memo brings better performance compared to Kendo


TinyMCE adapter is now avaliable for Timeline & Interactions. Also it’s supported for Internal & Portal Memo along with e-mail.

  1. Internal Memo: Create/Edit when the ticket is Completed


Users can now create or edit their internal memos even when the ticket is in completed status. This feature is supported on Timeline only.


What’s new in 2108 for Contracts

  1. Contract Item Entitled Services and Parts in Reporting


New MDAV (Multidimensional analytical views) “Contract Item Entitled Services and Parts“ is introduced, which allows users to analyze entitled services and parts of contract items by data such as products or product categories. This feature improves reporting capabilities for Contracts



What’s new in 2108 for Service Management

  1. Code List Restriction (CLR) for Distribution Channel & Division


Code list restrictions is usefull for limiting the entries for distribution channel and division fields for tickets.


What’s new in 2108 for Registered Products

  1. Track changes of Measurement Logs and Measurement Readings



Users can now track changes made to measurement logs and measurement readings in the Changes tab of a Registered Product detail view.



What’s new in 2108 for Agent Desktop

  1. Service Cloud | New Agent Desktop Experience

Improve Agent efficiency to help them provide exceptional customer service with a modern workspace



Improved efficiency and ease of use for live interactions.

All key functionality and customer info in one workspace.

Ability to customize and extend to suit business needs.

  1. Scope – CTI Integration and Channels



CTI integration widget with Phone, Chat, SMS support



  • Phone CTI integration, transcript (Chat/SMS)


  • View sent emails on timeline


  1. Scope – Customer identification


Release Briefing - Version 2108_08


Automatic look-up for an interaction, manual search with objects, quick filters for objects, field adaptation (via admin).

Supported objects: Accounts, contacts, individual customers, tickets, registered Products  

  1. Scope – Customer Hub


Release Briefing - Version 2108_09 


Customer details

  • Account, contact, individual customer cards, quickviews


  • Create email, ticket, registered Product

Timeline control

  • Search, filter, refresh
  • Interaction events – phone, chat, email
  • Object events – ticket, Registered Product

Objects control

  • Search, refresh
  • Tickets, quickviews
  • Tag as referenced item
  • KB widget: SAP Jam integration (BETA)


  1. Scope – Config


Release Briefing - Version 2108_10


General settings

  • Create interactions automatically (inbound/outbound)
  • Open agent desktop on new interaction

KB widget config

CTI Widget provider config

Identification settings – field adaptation/personalization

Customer Hub settings – field adaptation/personalization




Fedor Rososskiy, CRM Consultant