Salesforce, world’s leading enterprise cloud-computing CRM

Salesforce CRM provides SaaS applications for sales, marketing and customer service. The happy customers are including international giants. The customer base is more than 100,000 customers.
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Forbes magazine has listed Salesforce as “The world’s most innovative company“ sixth year in a row.

Thanks to the cloud it is possible to use the services and applications anywhere at any time. The advantage over other CRM systems is especially user interface adaptability. This means that you can choose what you use and how will it look. You can get formation about your customers and their activities in a real-time.

Customers especially appreciate the openness of the API interface and the adaptability. This makes customer relationship management simpler and more transparent.

Why Salesforce CRM?


Increased business alignment

The custom development methodology combined with Salesforce’s integrated development environment. This enables organizations to deploy enterprise applications faster and at lower cost


Reduced TCO

The enhancements of situational applications and rolling upgrades increase costs and reduce usability. Our customer simplifies this process through a detailed analysis and specialized consultation


Higher levels of agility

Increased ability to react to organizational and market requirements helps company transition to the cloud in a secure and compliant manner

Calculate your ROI

The biggest added value is the operation in the cloud. Any employee has access to the system, whether they are across the globe or in the next room. Thus they can reach the solution of a customer’s problem on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Salesforce founders are pioneers in the cloud. They began experimenting with it in 1990, when the cloud system was still an unknown concept. Today, cloud is the only solution allowing customer service offer anywhere.

Salesforce allows:

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Business managers

to have an overview of the activities of the whole team in real time. Allowing easier forecasting and sales strategy

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Sales representatives

to manage customer information. This enables them to spend more time selling than by data processing

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to harness the power of social networks and connect with customers in any way they choose

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Customer Support

to link all conversations taking place on social networks and connect them with the internal system. As a result, customers get answers and you save time and money

Customers get answers and you save time and money in the context of:

requirements for computer hardware;
employment of IT specialists.
When using Salesforce applications you do not have to be a coder or IT specialist.

The user interface is intuitive, so you can install all the updates yourself.

How do the Salesforce products function?

Salesforce products operating principle is like the example of apartment buildings.
All residents enjoy the benefits offered by a single building. Based on walls and doors they still have the necessary amount of privacy.
Anyone who has no permission from the administrator cannot enter the system.
The customer has access to applications developed by the Salesforce. The applications use is on individual bases. Anyone who has no permission from the administrator cannot enter the system. Adding new users is easy, as well as their removal.
Salesforce free solution update is three times a year.
The individual applications operate on the principle of metadata. Thus, the updates are without stopping or interrupting any part of the system. For Salesforce product overview click here.

Our Salesforce Expertise

Salesforce Sales Cloud
Salesforce Marketing Cloud
Salesforce Service Cloud
Custom Application development
based on

Solution Lifecycle Management

architecture design
end-user training
further solution enhancement

Blaze New Trails with Custom Salesforce Solutions

Salesforce solutions offer new ways to make your business successful. With a custom CRM developed on the basis of the Salesforce platform and cloud technology, your company will become more productive streamlined, and profitable. Whatever your industry is, there is a Salesforce solution that will suit specifically your case. With it, you will be able to effectively manage your customers and simplify various business processes.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Custom Salesforce CRM

Anodius provides Salesforce CRM consulting services to help your business prosper. We have a team of experts, that will analyze the nature of your business and suggest you the most efficient Salesforce solution.

The main Salesforce features include marketing automation, contact center automation, sales force automation, geolocation technology and location-based services. Collect data from multiple sources into a single view to get faster answers and take quick actions.

Have a look at some of the immediate benefits of integrating a Salesforce CRM within your current business process. A custom CRM:

  • Enhances collaboration between customers and team members related to targeted prospects,
  • Provides an in-depth view of client profiles, upcoming deadlines, and projects,
  • Offers a real-time view of sales progress and tasks,
  • Provides secured sharing of files and recoding of conversations within the application,
  • Ensures better organization of team members through scheduling and automatic reminders.

In the long term, Salesforce CRM users will experience growth in sales, customer satisfaction, and customer retention.

Create and Transform Your Vision with Our Salesforce CRM Services

At Anodius, we strive to make your company grow. We combine technology and extensive domain expertise along with proven methodologies to ensure the success of your roll out. Our consultants have a real-world understanding of how companies can benefit from the Salesforce, the world’s #1 platform for building custom CRMs.

Anodius Salesforce services will help your company improve through the following solutions:

  • Develop your vision and turn it into the desired future state of technical and functional process requirements.
  • Create innovative solutions with the help of our platform experts.
  • Fully integrate Salesforce with your order management, customer service, marketing ERP, quoting, and other critical systems with the help of our expertise and technical tools.
  • Involve all key stakeholders to successfully deliver transformational projects that integrate process, systems, and people.

Transform Your Business with the Help of the Experienced Salesforce Consultant

Having the required industry insight, we will help you orchestrate your creative and marketing capabilities that will transform your business. Our experts will suggest various design options for your CRM and advise you on how to deploy and sustain it. Salesforce applications have the intuitive interface, which makes them easy to use. Owing to the cloud technology, the system can be used anywhere where there is access to the Internet.

For more information about our Salesforce services, contact one of our offices or complete our online contact form. Our knowledge and flexibility ensure your company will get the CRM implementation support you desire. Use our solutions and expertise to become a self-sufficient and technology-driven enterprise.

Our experts will advise you

We are Salesforce Cloud Alliance Partner. Our team of experts will help you ensure maximization of the chosen Salesforce benefits.
How to reduce implementation and maintenance risks, time and cost? Select the right Salesforce implementation partner.
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