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We know the company Anodius and Jan Uriga from several previous projects, with the results of which we were very satisfied. So here we also followed our own “customer experience”.

Katarína Lucinová


I’m very satisfied. When working with them, as we were trying to understand where we can make improvements, it was very evident that they come with demonstrated experience. The knowledge of the consultants was top-notch and they were able to work with our solution architects in parallel to better understand where we can potentially drive improvements. And throughout all of it, the communication has been brilliant. That’s one of the reasons that we continue in this partnership. So, we’ve had one part of the project and now we’re looking at the new projects as well.

David Reid

Zebra Technologies

We worked with Anodius to develop the Salesforce connector for the AIRe Link remote visual support tool. During the development, we especially appreciated the communicativeness of the development team and the initiative. The project was delivered in the agreed time and scope, including subsequent professional consultations for publication on Appexchange.

Petr Kazda

Konica Minolta Business Solutions Czech

Choosing the right technology to support your business is just the first part of the process. Perhaps even more important is to find the right partner to help you set up the system for your needs and how to “get the most out of it“.  I’m very glad we decided to cooperate with Anodius. I must highlight their professionalism, experience, ability to respond quickly to a number of requests, and excellent support.

Sandra Karabelli


Anodius was very helpful and cooperation was smooth and professional – always with close attention to details and to our business needs. Consultants from Anodius were communicating with me on a regular basis and were very responsive and helpful in the case of any questions or requests. They know what they are doing and I was able to rely on them at any time. Thank you!

Adam Horeháj


We have communicated with many companies from the CEE region, which would help us with the solution of operational and complex CRQs in the SAP C4C environment. We are very happy that we finally decided on Anodius. The initial impression from the interviews proved to be correct during the active work and our cooperation will continue to develop in the coming years. We especially appreciate the high level: of communication, reaction times, competence, and ability to solve even complex tasks.

Jochen S.

Zehnder Group International

Although we are a very demanding group with extensive experience in business and customer relationship management, the CX workshop with Anodius and Mr. Uriga exceeded our expectations. He helped us define specific points in building CX – how to start, what steps await us, and how to measure it. We especially appreciated the practical demonstrations based on the data and, at the same time, the truth about possible problems.

Natália Barter


Yesterday (March 19, 21) we held a very refreshing CX Discovery workshop in the company thanks to Ján Uriga and Anodius.

Robert Baumgartner

Hyundai Motor

The SAP CRM solution, implemented in collaboration with Anodius, allows us to harmonize customer processes in a multi-commodity environment. Now we can better respond to our customer’s needs.

Katarina Lucinova


Thank you very much once again for a great Salesforce workshop, it was very beneficial.

Roman Sinagl


It was a very smooth and pleasant cooperation while implementing the Salesforce at our foundation.  Very competent partner for our tasks (Sales Cloud and Lightning Components related).

Miroslav Dzurech


Anodius combines technical and consulting know-how in a great way. They helped us with creating our Salesforce App with advanced technologies (Lightning Component) and had always very competent advice for us. Highly recommended!

Herbert Liebl


Quality service, very good experience – Anodius team proved to be an excellent partner in our effort to implement Salesforce as a CRM solution. Their willingness to understand our activities and goals brought an unexpected surprise in the form of their own ideas and solutions available in the system.

Juraj Tobias


Anodius team has done an excellent job for us!  They deliver high-quality work with a deep focus on all business aspects and make sure the customer is happy.  We will continue to work with them and highly recommend them to anyone looking for Salesforce implementations.

Daniel Páracka

A.ON Risk Solutions

The collaboration on the implementation of the new SAP CRM system was carried out by the retail team, led by the supplier Stanislav Micheller, at a professional level and with a high interest in meeting customer requirements. The solution has been proposed in a comprehensive manner and always takes into account the future needs and requirements of the implemented system.  All agreed terms have been respected and met, despite the very ambitious timeline of the whole project. The collaboration of the whole team was non-conflict and human-friendly.

Jitka Kortanová

CEZ Prodej

Excellent reputation and uniqueness of CRM services based on SAP were the main reasons for engagement in the CEZ project, moreover, Anodius has utility industry rich experience.

Martin Helikár

SAP Czech Republic

Anodius has long been one of SAP’s preferred vendors and has made a significant contribution to implementing and enhancing SAP CRM 7.0 solution.

Luboš Kotoun

E.ON Business Services CZ

Anodius team has done a great job here in Energetika Ljubljana.  SAP CRM system is fully functional, the previous month is closed and ready for billing.

Bojan Judic

Energetika Ljubljana

SAP CRM solution, delivered in cooperation with Anodius, provides us a single view of all customer contact from all communication channels. We can now route contacts to the right agent according to the predetermined rules to decrease response time and optimize service quality for better customer satisfaction.

Leona Schovancová


The work Anodius has delivered would be hardly deliverable otherwise.  Thanks to the Anodius SAP CRM system and all its processes, workflows and activities are successfully live.

Vojtech Marek



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