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SAP’s vision is to help the world run better and improve people’s lives
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is “Run Simple”;


is the market leader in enterprise

application software;


is at the center of today’s business

and technology revolution;


helps you streamline your processes;


is giving you the agility to create new

growth opportunities for your business;


helps 310,000 customers worldwide work to­gether using the world’s innovative platform

What is SAP program all about?

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Provide marketing, sale and services professionals an ultimate intelligence for customer relationship management.
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Help define your customers and personalize their customer experience.
sap crm solutions
Helps address short-term cost reduction needs and decision agility.

The results of the most recent customer survey give companies a simple choice. Stay ahead of your customer or risk staying behind your competitors.

Get the deep customer and social insights you need to make an impact in every deal – anytime, anywhere. Engage customers, improve sales performance, streamline the order-to-cash process, and more. Sell Smarter.
Make every customer feel like your only customer. SAP’s next-gen CRM marketing suite gives you real-time insight into customers’ needs. Deliver contextual, individualized customer experiences across all channels.
Provide a personalized digital shopping experience with solutions for mobile, social, and e-commerce. Take advantage of real-time inventory management, data-driven customization, cost-effective order fulfillment, and more.
Give your omni-channel service reps the customer visibility and real-time problem-solving tools. Win customer loyalty and cut costs. Empower field service technicians with mobile access to information, service requests, and analytics.
Understand the Value of SAP Solutions

Deliver On-Time, On-Budget, On-Value

As you focus on technology innovations to help navigate an increasingly complex business environment, stay focused on delivering value and business outcomes aligned with your organization’s strategy.

Successful companies see significantly better performance when they keep their eye on achieving the expected value from project definition to delivery. Successful companies apply the value management discipline consistently across the project portfolio through the value management life cycle.

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Our SAP Expertise

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SMART Partner
In addition to the above mentioned SAP services, we also offer development of SAP AddOn solutions. The key objective is to ensure better flexibility and customer engagement of your existing SAP solution.
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Education Partner
Our company provides tailored training for all areas of SAP.

Award-Winning SAP Solutions to Meet Your Business Demands

In today’s business environment, running business processes in real time is crucial to becoming a high-velocity enterprise. With first-class SAP CRM service by your side, you can evolve your business with innovative solutions that bring together people, products, and processes, making your strategies come to life.

At Anodius, we deliver the highest quality SAP consulting services through our practitioners and methodologies to help your business achieve tangible and measurable results. Our qualified experts are offering guidance at every stage of your company’s digital transformation. Whether you decide to move to the SAP Hybris solutions for driving your customers’ engagement or make SAP S/4HANA your digital core, rest assured that here you will get the outstanding services and support you need to succeed.

Change the Challenges to Business Opportunities with SAP program

From procurement and sales to manufacturing and asset management, SAP CRM solutions are designed to quickly digitize a wide range of business processes and support them at all stages. Depending on the service area in which your company operates, this ultimate tool allows to:

  • Planning the works and their execution accurately, defining the scope of the project;
  • Making valuable information instantly accessible to employees anytime and any¬where;
  • Managing the invoice settlement and issuance;
  • Reporting any issues and diagnose the causes of performance gaps;
  • Developing high-impact recommendations for improvement;
  • Quantify the benefits of investment opportunities and much more.

From implementing a new solution to enterprise-wide transformational change, Anodius experts deliver value to companies of all sizes and all technology processes for building capabilities and sustaining SAP investments.

Create Seamless Service Experience for Your Customers with SAP Hybris Service Cloud

If you are planning to transform your customer service performance with a smooth transition to new solutions in mind, then SAP Hybris solutions may be the answer. This tool is designed to simplify your systems, speed up your call center service and open up new channels for your customers. Thus, your clientele will get the accurate and quick answers to their queries, and your company will benefit from reduced support costs, transparent controlling and motivated employees.

The SAP’s first cloud-based solution allows users to deal with multiple channels, including phone, email and social, easily view the customer information, and quickly process a customer request, comment or complaint from a queue. With SAP Hybris Service Cloud, your employees will work on several processes and requests simultaneously without any hassle. Thus, you can improve your customer satisfaction and buying propensity.

If your employees don’t have hands-on experience with SAP, we are here to assist. At Anodius, we know how to transform your customer engagement with the ultimate SAP tools.

Anodius Consultants are at Your Fingertips

Helping enterprises achieve their digital ambitions is our priority. Our qualified SAP consultants provide detailed information to maintain the creation of your implementation road map – across all project phases and work streams. At Anodius, we provide well-rounded SAP consulting services, including the design, implementation, and training for the users. Contact us now to see how your company can benefit from our services.

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