Behind Success is Well Mixed Team!

“Life is change, but innovation is a choice. Choose wisely. ” – K. K. Clark

Everyday life brings many changes and unexpected moments. The right attitude can always overcome the critical moments with a smile and without undue stress. The ability to be innovative simply means an active approach to work and private life challenges, depending on the situation, and thus being a step ahead.

To build a successful company, product or service in today’s global and dynamic world is almost impossible for a capable manager or enlightened leader.  Many mistakenly believe that behind a successful project is especially a great idea and the rest comes somehow automatically.

The real innovation engine is usually a motivated team of individuals who want, know and can move things forward. Almost 90% of all innovative projects end up going bankrupt. One of the main reasons for failure is the wrong team set-up.  

How to mix the right team of efficient and motivated individuals?

Discover young talents and give them space Nowadays the younger generation has great potential. This is a generation that has grown up in an era of dynamic technology and communication.  It is no coincidence that behind the vast majority of successful start-up projects are youngsters under 20 years of age.  Therefore, do not hesitate to discover young talents and give them space to develop into new dimensions to fully utilize their hidden potential.

Do not forget about experienced professionals and leaders Empirically gained experience is essential. Evolution is a process and no innovation can be done building on already learned knowledge.  Thereto, senior leaders and experts are very important glue that can give any innovation team the right direction and concept as well.

Recruit the right individuals Life is fast and requires a lot of right decisions in a very short time. Communicate effectively and give on your first impression. Remember that non-verbal communication sometimes says much more than the verbal one.  Before making the final decision on accepting a new team member, it does not hurt to give simple test tasks to see if the words truly reflect the candidate’s deeds.  In fact, it is nowhere written that you cannot give someone a task prior to onboarding.

Create a matrix of profiles and competences The creative team atmosphere can quickly turn out to be a frustration and de-motivation if individuals are not given sufficient space for their self-expression and do not have clear competencies.  Therefore, it is essential that competencies and profiles of individuals have to blend together creating one single entity.

Fire quickly and without compromising Do not fear of mistakes and wrong decisions. Incorrect decisions are in the process of innovation better than none. If you find out that your current set-up is not working, act quickly.  The faster you get rid of a wrong team member, the sooner you can find a suitable one and boost the overall team performance.

Getting together the right innovative team is not in principle difficult.  However, to build one is a bit different story.  Give on your own feelings, dedicate a great deal of time and patience to resolve the diversity of views and mentalities on daily bases so that there is always mutual respect and comfort in your team.

Roman Kučák, Managing Partner

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