15. February 2022

Why Sales Teams Fall Short of Rising Customer Expectations: A Guide

In today’s world, building customer relationships is key to growing your business. Thus, customer relationship management (CRM) technology is now the keystone strategy. In fact, the CRM market size is expected to reach $157.6 billion by 2030.

Salesforce sales cloud’s CRM tools help you can meet and exceed customer expectations. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of the salesforce cloud.


Why Are Sales Teams Failing to Meet Customer Expectations?

Technology’s processing capacity doubles every 18 months. The past two years have seen the generation of over 89 percent of Big Data. Many sales teams can’t keep pace and fail to meet customer needs.

Other businesses have successfully navigated this problem. Thus, the bar for customer service standards keeps rising. Today, simply having low prices and great products isn’t enough.

Customers now demand a superior shopping and buying experience. They want to feel an organizational commitment that supports their success. Focusing on these services and ideals will gain customer loyalty and business growth.

Many organizations already work on enhancing their B2C space. But you also need to consider your B2B relationships.

Wholesalers must optimize their business retail customers’ experience. These consumers rely on trustworthy relationships to meet their own customer’s needs. If they promise products or services and can’t deliver, they lose sales.

Salespeople must work with clients to learn about their specific preferences. Taking these steps helps you become a trusted advisor and gain loyal customers.

One Salesforce study found that 78 percent of buyers carefully screen the salespeople. They’re looking for expert knowledge of the industry and their needs.

This perspective was also supported by a Dale Carnegie study. Of the respondents, 71 percent preferred buying from a trusted source more than lower prices.

Salespeople who meet these customer expectations have boosted sales by over 20 percent.

The Salesforce Sales Cloud

The Salesforce CRM Sales Cloud platform supports over 100,000 customers. This SaaS application offers international marketing, sales, and customer service.

Some CRM systems need specific adaptable user interfaces. This can slow start-up timetables in a world where time is money.

The process begins with thorough analyses and consultations to determine the customer’s needs. Salesforce’s integrated development environment allows for unique customization. Now applications can be deployed faster at lower costs.

With Salesforce, the user interface adapts to your system. You have the option to decide what you want to use and how it will look. It also provides real-time customer activity information.

This solution includes an open Application Programming Interface (API). Customers appreciate the ease of communication between different applications. This creates a transparent and user-friendly customer relationship.

This approach can quickly react to market and organizational evolutions. Thus, your company remains compliant in a secure cloud environment.

Are You Looking for the Best CRM Solution?

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Lukáš Endal, Partner – Salesforce Services