24. June 2020

Salesforce – why do we want it? #becausesalesforceisthebest

Are you familiar with the advertising slogan – “A friend´s smile – priceless. For everything else, there is a MasterCard ”? That is exactly how Salesforce of CX field can be characterized solutions. But before we show it, a little theory first.

Salesforce – why do we want it 1


In today’s digital era, when the market is open and transparent, it is an important factor in advancing, retaining, and attracting new customers, minimizing costs, and optimizing processes. You may know these phrases, and you may know that together they mean finding a global maximum for a profit function. Bored? You are right. Let’s make our business more fun. And why? Because of CX!

Regardless of whether youre a small business that has 5 employees or a big business with a thousand of them. We encounter lots of problems (from the school, I remember this being a forbidden word when speaking about customer care) challenges that can be solved automatically, but simply in particular. Salesforce is a product that in its nature offers tools for customer management, marketing, customer service, etc. Well, this is included in almost every CRM software, thus no distinguishing factor there. Why want it then?

Salesforce – why do we want it 2


Every company, even the smallest one, has its unique needs. Certainly, you also have a process that is specific to your work, whether for the work of a salesperson, warehouse worker, manager, or in the case of a smaller company a manager who directly interferes with the running of the company. No problem with Salesforce. And what can we do about it?

We will provide you with the system that at its core contains the registration of your customers, contacts, tips for new ones, opportunities created and their evaluation integration with MS Outlook, and many more functionalities.  If you wish to be up-to-date, you may use the possibilities that artificial intelligence and machine learning offer, for which the system is ready.

If the standard supplied tools are not enough for you, we can easily customize the system according to your specific needs, but not exactly as you say. Surprising? Certainly yes. We have a team of qualified professionals with years of experience and we will be happy to help you make your processes even more efficient and give you a new insight into the information support and experience that Salesforce offers.

Surely you now have a picture of routine activities in your head that you would like to make easier, but you are wondering whether it is worthwhile and whether your budget allows you to do so. A problem? We don’t know that, just a challenge.

Salesforce – why do we want it 3



The system is modular, so we can deploy, in the initial phase, just the foundation. This will be the first step that allows you to get to know the system and convince you that the investment will eventually return to you multiple times and give you the opportunity to further develop our cooperation, and make the system, not just a necessary evil but a helper you’ve been looking for so long.

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Martin Bystriansky, Salesforce consultant