Stay compatible with changing environments

Additionally, review all elements of your CRM system to keep it functional, improve performance, and stay compatible with a changing environment.

With us, you know what you are up to in terms of price, scope, and time of implementation of your CRM system requirements. 

Solution Coverage Areas


SAP CRM, Customer Experience

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What is Included

  • CRM Entry Workshop
  • Current CRM system check
  • Security control
  • Requirements collection
  • User training
  • Optimization and automation processing
  • Change requests (CRQ) creation help
  • CRQ processing
  • Collaboration on the roadmap creation, supporting the goals of the organization
  • Priorities setting
  • Collaboration on the potential extensions

What is Not Included

  • Product licenses
CRM Managed Services Professional

€ 19,5K

Monthly | w/o VAT

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