Service Others Like Never Before

This Salesforce solution will help you run your nonprofit organization like never before.

Fundraising, marketing, program management, grantmaking, or apps will have one intelligence that makes sense to all.

Solution Coverage Areas

Salesforce Nonprifit

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What is Included

  • CRM Entry Workshop
  • Ten (10) free licenses
  • Three (3) half-day workshops
  • Project management
  • Project documentation
  • Installation and basic system settings
  • Setting four (4) standard objects (Lead, Contact, Donor, Donation)
  • User creation
  • Rights settings
  • Creation of two (2) notifications
  • Outlook / Gmail integration
  • Half-day training of end users
  • Half-day reporting training
  • Half-day training of administrators

What is Not Included

  • Product licenses, over ten (10)

Extra Features

  • Integration
  • Data migration
  • Custom process
  • Go-Live support
  • Campaigns
  • Solutions for membership programs
  • Support for grants and subsidies
  • Management of volunteers and their work


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