6. April 2016

Why Salesforce or “Nowadays, Everything is Happening in the Cloud”

Certainly, almost everyone has already heard of Salesforce, at least people who read Forbes magazine time-to-time. The company, which stands behind the largest and best-known cloud-based platform for CRM solutions, has already been 5 times in a row awarded by Forbes magazine as the most innovative company in the world. Within five years, Salesforce has surpassed even the giants such as Oracle and SAP. Today, the company has more than an 18% market share and continues to grow rapidly.


What is Salesforce

Salesforce is a company dedicated to innovative CRM solutions for different types of businesses that have been operating for over 25 years. From the beginning, its founders sought mainly to develop the cloud, and today, they are considered the pioneers of cloud services.

Salesforce’s philosophy lies in the fact that the CRM systems should be simple, modern, and encompassing all areas: marketing, sales, customer communication, service, and analytics.

Thanks to the cloud, it is possible to use the services and applications anywhere, at any time.

The advantage over other CRM systems is, in addition to the cloud, especially the adaptability of the user interface.

This means that you can choose what you use and how will it look. Thanks to Salesforce CRM, you can obtain information about your customers and their activities in real time and in one place.

You also get a platform to create dashboards and useful reports.

Customers using Salesforce for its CRM solution especially appreciate the openness of the API interface and the adaptability for their particular needs, which makes customer relationship management simpler and more transparent.

Salesforce is according to the data from G2 Crowdthe CRM platform most awarded by the users out of those completely in the cloud. Thanks to this, also the G2 Crowd, the largest global web serving to collect B2B software reviews from real users, described Salesforce as the best service in the CRM category. 

Salesforce has evolved from the sale of several cloud solutions, so it is a comprehensive tool for every business field; sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, applications, and much more.

What Added Value Salesforce Offers

Data from the survey performed outside Salesforce in 2014, on a sample of 4,100 randomly selected customers, state:

  • 32 % increase in sales,
  • 40 % increase in customer satisfaction,
  • 40 % marketing ROI,
  • 39 % increase in customer retention
  • 55 % acceleration of the development of the company compared to the period before the implementation of Salesforce applications to the system.​

The biggest added value is the operation of Salesforce in the cloud, thanks to which any employee has access to the system, whether they are across the globe or just in the next room. Thus they can simply reach the solution to a customer’s problem on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Salesforce founders are considered pioneers in the cloud. They began experimenting with it in 1990 when the cloud system was still an unknown concept. Today, 25 years later, the cloud is the only solution, which allows you to offer your service to customers anywhere.

Salesforce allows:

  • Business managers have an overview of the activities of the whole team in real time for easier forecasting and sales strategy.
  • Sales representatives manage customer information, which enables them to spend more time selling than data processing.
  • Marketers harness the power of social networks and connect with customers in any way they choose.
  • Customer Support links all conversations taking place on social networks and connects them with the internal system. As a result, customers get answers and you save time and money.

The cloud system allows a substantial saving of resources in the context of the requirements for computer hardware, but also for the employment of IT specialists.

The use of Salesforce tools is not conditioned by the purchase of expensive equipment, neither after its implementation into the processes nor during its use.

When using The Salesforce applications you do not have to be a coder or IT specialist since the user interface is based on intuitiveness, so you can install all the updates yourself.

CRM solutions within the Salesforce services may be conveniently used for the now already basic interaction with fans and customers through social networks and targeted marketing. CRM systems are generally recommended for small and medium businesses, where a small number of people do the work which several departments would be in charge of in a great company. They can easily manage customer relationships including all data and information relating to them.

How Does The Use of Salesforce Products Function

The operating principle of the Salesforce products could be explained by the example of apartment buildings. All residents enjoy the benefits offered by a single building but based on walls and doors they still have the necessary amount of privacy.

The customer has access to applications developed by Salesforce but uses them individually.

Due to security, anyone who does not have permission from the administrator cannot enter the system. Adding new users is easy, as well as their removal.

Three times a year, Salesforce issues updates to its tools and products that the clients receive automatically. Since individual applications operate on the principle of metadata, updates can be done without stopping or interrupting any part of the system, ensuring a smooth transition to upgraded versions

Lukáš Endal, Partner – Salesforce Services