16. July 2021

B2B Marketing Analytics

B2B Marketing Analytics is a Tableau CRM app that helps you segment and visualize your marketing and sales data. After user permissions are assigned, marketers can create B2B Marketing Analytics dashboards in Tableau CRM Analytics Studio.

The picture below shows the way data from Pardot is sent to Salesforce via the Salesforce Connector for Pardot, and subsequently to Einstein Analytics via “dataflows”. Dataflows are the channels that carry data from Salesforce to Einstein Analytics. Before the data reaches your analytics datasets, dataflows format it the way you want it. This is called transformation. Dataflows for out-of-the-box dashboards are included in the B2B MA package. Out-of-the-box dataflows will run at their scheduled time, every day, once they’ve been activated.  B2B Marketing Analytics

B2B Marketing Analytics Dashboards

The B2B Marketing Analytics app comes with three dashboards of charts and tables to explore out of the box. With a few additional steps you can also create a Multi-Touch Attribution dashboard, Account-Based Marketing dashboard, or an Einstein Behavior Scoring dashboard. Each dashboard is based on pre-defined datasets and filters.

Engagement Dashboard

This dashboard displays the performance of your primary marketing assets as well as their contribution to the sales funnel and opportunity lifecycle.

The dashboard includes the following metrics: asset engagement on list emails, forms, and landing pages.

B2B Marketing Analytics 2

Email engagements including total emails sent, the open rate, the number of unique clicks, bounces, opt-outs, and undelivered messages.


Pipeline Dashboard

This dashboard shows your sales funnel from the visitor stage to prospects and all the way through to the opportunities won/lost. This dashboard can be used by sales and marketing executives to see which assets and campaigns are influencing the most deals.

The dashboard includes the following metrics: numbers of visitors, prospects, marketing qualified leads, open opportunities, closed-won opportunities, and velocity figures.

B2B Marketing Analytics 3

Marketing Manager Dashboard

This dashboard combines the engagement and pipeline dashboards to give you a quick overview of your company’s health as well as campaign performance.

The dashboard includes the following metrics: pipeline deals, revenue by the campaign, and marketing asset engagement.

Account-Based Marketing Dashboard

The Account-Based Marketing dashboard brings together opportunities, contacts versus marketing engagement, and sales activities. You can narrow the dashboard by a specific account or a few, to see how things are going with your sales reps.

The dashboard includes the following metrics: account details, pipeline by account, revenue win percentage, stage value by account, and sales activity as it relates to time spent on activities and number of sales activities.

B2B Marketing Analytics 4


Multi-touch Attribution Dashboard

The multi-touch attribution dashboard displays which marketing efforts have the greatest impact at each stage of the buying lifecycle. This dashboard helps you to display data based on three different attribution types: first touch, even distribution, and last touch. When you activate Connected Campaigns, all of your Pardot marketing assets and Sales Cloud data appear in a single dashboard.

The dashboard includes the following metrics: revenue, total value, cost, ROI, top channels, and revenue by campaign.

B2B Marketing Analytics 5

Einstein Behavior Scoring dashboard

The Einstein Behavior Scoring dashboard shows you which factors Einstein considers while constructing your scoring model.

The dashboard includes the following metrics: Most influential engagement activities, influential assets, and a table of leads and contacts who perform these activities.


B2B Marketing Analytics is a great Salesforce tool to help marketers visualize their campaign ROI across the funnel. Using out-of-the-box dashboards, datasets and lenses we can see what channels and what programs are generating revenue, which campaigns are driving ROI from an awareness perspective, across all buying stages, and what programs are helping to drive deals to close. B2B Marketing Analytics has some fantastic out-of-the-box visualizations to help you get started telling your marketing data success story.

Lukáš Endal, Partner – Salesforce Services