4. July 2022

Five (5) Ways CRM Data Can Help Generate More Revenue

Are you aware that about 30 percent of your CRM data can become irrelevant after a year? Some people change careers or companies get acquired, leading to data decay. It’s crucial to have the right technology to save time and maximize your revenue. Improving your CRM data is one of the keys to generating sales and increasing ROI. 

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Save on LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For salespeople, they can save nine hours every week on admin tasks and research with the Salesforce LinkedIn productivity app. That’s right, there’s no need to pay for a costly LinkedIn Sales Navigator subscription. You can do everything on the app — find a prospect’s LinkedIn page, find and store contacts with one click of a button, push contacts directly to your mobile phone, and much more. 

Use the LinkedIn Chrome Extension for Salesforce

Ditch the manual typing of information from different websites or LinkedIn into Salesforce with PipeLaunch’s Chrome extension. You can quickly get the contact, account, and any information from a prospect on LinkedIn without logging back in or opening Salesforce. It’s a better and more efficient process — you get more work done. 

Remember, sales are a numbers game. The more prospects you have, the more chances of finding a qualified lead and converting that to a sale. 

Don’t Rely on Current Customer Data

According to IBM, bad data costs US businesses $3.1 trillion per year. The wasted funds were spent mostly on updating older sources and fixing errors. To avoid incurring more expenses, we recommend switching to a better CRM data solution. HitHorizons’ Screener is a B2B lead generation tool that filters through and analyzes millions of organizations in Europe and some parts of Asia. It provides you with updated data to help you effectively assess your market.

Determine How You are Spending Your Time

Know how many calls you made in a day, in a week, and in a month. Or do your sales representatives waste too much time searching for contacts and company information? It’s imperative to manage your time well if you want to find more prospects and increase your conversions. If you spend too much time not doing actual sales calling, consider switching to a newer system that can maximize your revenue. 

Have All the Customer Insights (and Other Tools) in One Place

Imagine how time-consuming it would be to keep opening different tabs or launching your accounting system to complete a task. You can work more efficiently when you can integrate all of your tools in Salesforce. That way you won’t have to visit different websites or applications to get company and market data, or manually type customer data information.

Are You Ready to Up Your Game? 

Increase your conversions and boost your revenue by improving your CRM data in Salesforce. We have the exact solution to this. By enhancing your current system, we can help you manage your time well, reach out to the right decision-makers and increase your revenue. Choose the right service today

Miroslav Procházka, KAM