6. June 2022

Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

Salesforce comes with a regular release, as usual. This is the Summer ’22 Release, which brings a lot of news and features. It is currently on sandboxes from May 7 and should be generally available for production environments as of June 12. The release brings things to admins, developers, as well as users who will enjoy the visual page.

The Summer ’22 Release brings improvements to Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, Analytics, Flows, Apex, Einstein Automate, Nonprofit, Education, Field Service, Pardot, Slack, and many more.

In this article, we’ll take a look at more significant news in Salesforce. As for the news that has been added for Pardot, you can find it in this article.

We’ll talk about what’s new for Slack in this article, but if you’d like to know more about Slack, its connection to Salesforce, and how it helps save time, be sure to check out Slack and Connection to Salesforce.

1. Slack

Salesforce is constantly working on new connections and functionalities between Slack and Salesforce. Since Slack has been taken over, there have been improvements in Service, Sales, Reporting, and more.


One of the biggest news in the summer release is Swarming. Swarming helps process customer requests faster with real-time support from relevant departments. For demanding or complex requests, the service agent can add additional agents to the swarm to solve the customer’s request together. All operations are performed directly in Slack, so there is no need to click between Slack and Salesforce.

1: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

CRM Analytics

CRM Analytics for Slack is running in beta mode. CRM Analytics displays data analysis directly in Slack, which provides a quick overview, sharing, and collaboration of agents over the data.

2: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

2. Custom Address Field

A custom address field has very similar functionality to the standard address field. It improves address data accuracy and user experience. To make the selection of this field available, it is necessary to have the country and region set, otherwise, it will not be possible to use this field.

3: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features.

3. Picklists

There are several new features worth mentioning in the Summer ’22 Release that is worth mentioning.

Bulk Manage Picklist Values

When managing values in the picklist, it is now possible to delete, activate, deactivate and replace multiple selected values at the same time using the new buttons. This saves the number of clicks instead of performing the same action on each value separately. For the visibility of these buttons, it is necessary to select the Advanced Picklist Values Management (beta) option in the Picklist settings in Setup.

4: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features
Bulk Clean Up Inactive Picklist Values

In addition to the buttons for bulk management of picklist values, there is also a button for bulk deletion of inactive picklist values, which is also a more efficient way to delete them instead of one value at a time. Also, for the visibility of this button, it is necessary to enable it in the Picklist settings in Setup – Bulk Delete Inactive Picklist Values (beta).

5: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features
Get a List of Custom Picklist Fields with Inactive Values

It is possible to set up an email notification when your own picklists exceed 4,000 inactive values. The advantage is that it provides information about the fields concerned and it is not necessary to go through all the fields individually.

Duplicate Value Identification

When creating new picklist values, there is sometimes a problem that some of the values are duplicated, but the system did not say which one. In the new update, the system will write which value is a duplicate.

5: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

4. Reports and Dashboards

As with picklists, reports and dashboards also get several improvements in the Summer ’22 Release

Limit Results in Tabular Reports

One of the bigger ones is the limitation of the results in the tabular report. This option is added below the filter settings, but will not appear there until you have set the order of the values in one of the columns.

6: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features
Create Reports Based on Selected Salesforce Objects

Finding the type of report that contains the required objects can often take a long time. This problem is solved by adding a new filter to the reports. Reports are filtered by the objects selected in the filter.

7: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features
Summary Functions Now Include Median

The Sum, Average, Max, and Min options have so far been available when summarizing the values. Now, the new Median option has been added.

8: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

Edit Multiple Fields on the Report Run Page

Finally, editing multiple fields without having to run a report is a pleasing innovation that saves time compared to initially running a report after changes have been made.

9: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

5. Subscription Management

Subscription Management is an automated process that helps you manage and monetize recurring subscriptions across self-service channels. An overview of orders with date, amount, and subscription period is then displayed in Salesforce. Product subscription automation and in-system order information reduces the need to invest time in manual registration on a system that is not linked directly to Salesforce.

6. Einstein

In connection with Einstein, several improvements were made in the Summer ’22 Release. Let’s look at a few of them.

Einstein Lead Scoring

The new version of the Einstein Readiness Assessor now offers an estimate of the company’s value using Einstein Lead Scoring based on the number of leads and the number of customers acquired.

Einstein Prediction Builder

When setting up new features, it’s a good idea to have a wizard that will help you set up and how to set it up. In the Summer ’22 Release, Einstein Prediction Builder provides a setup wizard that is available to administrators with CRM Analytics Plus, Einstein Predictions, EinsteinBuilderFree, or Platform Plus licenses. This wizard helps you to set up the settings and helps to prevent potential errors.

10: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features
11: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features
12: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

Einstein Article Recommendations

For flows, it is now possible to add smart recommendations to articles, answer common questions, and deflect cases to Knowledge articles.

Einstein Predictions – Net Zero

Net Zero is the ideal state for a company where its emissions are zero. Einstein Prediction for Net Zero helps the company with recommendations for achieving zero emissions.

13: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

7. Permission Set Expiration

Until now, it was possible to assign permission sets to users and they had them until they were manually removed from them. After a new release, it is possible to set the expiration date for permission sets. For example, if it is necessary to add temporary permission sets to some people because they are working with another team, then now this option is there. To enable this option, you must turn on the Permission Set & Permission Set Group Assignments with Expiration Dates option in the settings.

14: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

8. Dynamic Related Lists

Dynamic related lists add a new component – Dynamic Related Lists. This is a new list that displays the content of one linked object. The displayed fields can be set there, filtered according to parameters and up to 30 records can be displayed!

15: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

9. Share Individual Campaigns with Colleagues

Manual campaigns sharing with other Salesforce users, previously only available in Salesforce Classic, is now also available in Salesforce Lightning.

16: Salesforce Summer ‘22 Release – Top Features

10. Product Names Change

Salesforce is also changing the names of some products with growth potential. Here is a list of renamed products:

  • High Velocity → Sales Engagement
  • myTrailhead is part of Sales Enablement
  • Tableau CRM → CRM Analytics
  • Salesforce renames 6 Marketing Cloud products:
  • Messaging/Journeys/ → Marketing Cloud Engagement
    • Interaction Studio → Marketing Cloud Personalization
    • Datorama → Marketing Cloud Intelligence
    • Salesforce CDP → Marketing Cloud Customer Data Platform
    • Advertising Studio → Marketing Cloud Advertising
    • Pardot → Marketing Cloud Account Engagement


We took a look at some of the bigger news that the Summer ’22 Release brought. Overall, Salesforce brought a large number of changes, which are written in the Summer ’22 Release Notes on the Salesforce page.


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Ján Petráš, CRM Consultant