6. October 2016

Support Package 10 Release of SAP Contact Center 7.0

The new version of SAP Contact Center (SAP CCtr) for an on-premise solution “SAP Contact Center 7.0 SP10” was released on September 28, 2016.

Support Packages (SPs) are released for the on-premise solution.   SPs are based on the cloud edition and released less frequently.

The current version of SP10 is based on cloud version 1608.  The cloud version is available through the SAP Cloud subscription.

SAP plans to release new cloud versions of SAP Contact Center 4 times per year: 1608, 1611, 1702, 1705, and so on.

What is new in the SP10 version?

  • ECF Voice Functionality
  • Presence Profiles
  • Chat Enhancements
  • Tomcat Encoding
  • Agent Queue Statistics
  • Controls
  • Reference Applications and Developer Toolbar

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