Need an experienced project professional?

To address the situation by project management training for one or only a few projects is uneconomic. Outsourcing all project-related responsibilities and competencies is not the solution either. The different economic interests of both parties lead to the project control misbalance.

Any project implementation puts focus on


Skills and experience in negotiating contracts with suppliers

Bid Specifications

Project management

Acceptance of deliverables and quality management


The project management expert, who will participate in a project as a member of the project team on the customer’s side an experienced consultant will assist the project manager in resolving any underlying issues.

Сustomer can ask us to resolve a specific task

For example, preparation of documents (blueprint, etc.), or preparing an expert opinion on a particular issue.

We can take over a specific role in the project

It is mostly the role of a project manager or quality assurance.

The company Anodius then in proportion to the given role, takes the assumed responsibility for the conduct and re­sults of the project. During the project, then act as a coun­terpart to any supplier on the customer side.


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