21. November 2019

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is, by its origin, an American company, the solutions of which are used by more and more companies across business branches, and the favor of this platform is still increasing in the last years. It is the first cloud software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform, and thanks to many years of experience since its foundation in the year 1999, it became rightfully No.1 on the market.

Salesforce Introduction 1

Salesforce (also known under abbreviations SF or SFDC) is known especially for its Sales cloud platform, placing the customer at the center of the entire course of events. All information regarding the customer is centralized, thus providing a comprehensive survey of his interactions with your company at the first sight. So, it does not matter whether the data of a specific customer will be viewed by an operator of a call center who resolves queries, or by a sales representative of your company – both of them will have up-to-date information comprehensively available within a few clicks on the keyboard or display.

An enormous advantage of the Sales cloud lies, besides standard processing of lead and opportunity management, in the tool for collaboration – Chatter.

Salesforce Introduction 2

A pleasant user environment accompanies the user not only at the web interface but also in the mobile applications for mobile devices such as mobile phones or tablets. The environment of mobile devices is not only intuitive but is provides still the same possibilities of creating leads, dashboards, and sharing at the same good quality as the desktop interface does.

Salesforce Introduction 3

A unique feature of the whole platform is, in comparison to the competition providers, a huge community merging partners, customers, and employees.

The community organizes its own meetings and groups, structured by focus or geographic location, and the members can participate in organizing various activities.

Salesforce Introduction 4
Salesforce Introduction 5

Within the community, a tool called Trailhead is available. This is an educational tool and basic help in one package, available for all users as well as for persons not registered. Over 600 modules, so-called trailheads, are available, covering all the spheres.

The Salesforce solutions are used by companies of all sizes – from firms with 5 users up to companies with many thousands of associates.

Besides Sales cloud, also other modules and tools are very popular with the customers:

  • CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) – speeds up the creation of quotations and contracts for the products
  • Pardot – a tool for automation of the creation of campaigns, can be used for B2B as well as for B2C
  • Einstein – predictive artificial intelligence, offering more accurate computational models for your organization
  • NPSP (Nonprofit Success Pack) – a basic tool for non-profit organizations, with an option of further expansion by Pardot, Marketing Cloud, etc.
  • HEDA – Education Cloud – a Salesforce technology optimized for educational institutions
  • Marketing Cloud – a Cloud platform for all marketing activities
  • Service Cloud – manage service support for products and services
  • Commerce – B2B and B2C platforms for purchasing
  • Community – enables the creation of an ecosystem for the origination of groups for the cooperation of employees and clients

Lukáš Endal, Partner – Salesforce Services