20. December 2019

Salesforce Marketing Cloud (CS)

Salesforce (SF) Marketing Cloud can help to fulfil all of this this; an enormous advantage is the possibility to utilize SF platforms all the way long for the customer – Marketing, Sales, Commerce and Service.



Knowing the customer and mapping and forecasting his wishes and desires is a prerequisite of successful marketing. Maintaining the favour of your client for the future, as well as spreading good reputation of your service and assistance is beneficial from the viewpoint of prospective interactions between you and the customer, as well as from the angle of effectiveness of the effort spent at acquiring him.


The customers are already used to a standard level of personalization; therefore, it is necessary to keep surprising them by exact adjusting of the content and higher comfort in the case they show interest in your brand, and by enhancing the customer’s pleasant experience.

Nowadays, sharing marketing content is not done by emails only anymore. Recently, as almost everyone owns a smartphone and is an active user of social networks, there is an immense area for acquiring clients and for promotion of services and products almost anywhere – at a tram stop, in a train, at home, in the garden – simply at any place where a prospective customer can connect to internet and simply launch e.g. an application for betting.

Within Marketing Cloud, a number of tools are available, which can be purchased and used also individually. Those tools are:

  • Email Studio
  • Mobile Studio
  • Journey Builder
  • Interaction Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Audience Studio
  • Data Studio
  • Social Studio
  • Datorama
  • Google Analytics 360

Those tools, when used in common, will generate an exact overview of the activities and preferences of the customers, they allow to find other potential customers and, last but not least, they enable keeping an overview of the awareness of your brand on social networks and immediate interaction with the customer.

Email Studio


Emails are still the most widespread tool in marketing communication.

Using this tool, you can create all kinds of emails – through promo emails and transaction emails confirming a purchase or password reset, up to proposals for further purchase or to documents of the realized purchase.

A big testifying value is brought by the possibility to track the opened and not opened emails, an overview of open messages and prevention of blocking an email by internet providers due to improper choice of keywords or other attributes.

Creating content is very intuitive and, just as in SF Salescloud, it does not require proficiency in programming.




Content can be partly predefined and locked in such a way that e.g. the email header and footer always remain the same, so that the template can be used by anyone who has access to content creating and sending.




All sent emails can be tested in advance and thereby the version best accepted by the users can be chosen.



P.P. , Salesforce consultant