17. December 2019

What’s New in SAP Marketing Cloud 1911?

There are really many new features brought by SAP in the November edition of SAP Marketing Cloud. In this article, I picked up for you the most important ones which, from my viewpoint, make SAP Marketing Cloud more and more a customer-oriented solution.

Service tickets in marketing

After integration with SAP Service cloud and subsequent replication of tickets, it will be possible to use this information at segmentation and the following creation of campaigns. This feature brings you a wider perspective of your customers and thereby you will know them better.

How? For example, you will be able to target the campaign at the customers who create most of the tickets, and maybe to send a discount coupon to the customers whose time for resolving a ticket exceeded a certain period. Such step would certainly improve customer experience that matters.




Increased flexibility of campaigns

At creation of the campaign design, more branches can be joined into a single following step. This feature will be appreciated especially by marketing experts, for whom it will considerably facilitate the creation of campaigns and, last but not least, it will make the design of campaigns more transparent. Transparent design of a campaign severalfold decreases the risk of undesired communication towards the customer, who will be surely thankful for this!




Automatic restart of a campaign after failure

Did it ever happen to you that you launched a campaign but your customers did not receive any information? The reason is that you probably forgot some issue at campaign creation. In such case, you had to stop the campaign, create a new one, correct the mistake and subsequently launch this new campaign. Annoying, isn’t it? From now on, you do not have to create another campaign, and a repeated launch of the same campaign is planned automatically in a growing interval of 0 to 24 hours. If you repair the imperfection, the campaign will run through in order with a small delay. In case you are not able to remove the defect within 24 hours, it is possible to stop temporarily the automatic planning of the campaign.




Marketing organizer

Have you sometimes been lost in the content you created? Could you not find your target group or campaign? In this case, too, the development department kept in mind the marketing experts. The main panel was enhanced by Marketing organizer, in which you can create your own folders in a way that suits you, so that you always have everything necessary at hand. Into individual folders, it is allowed to add any objects such as campaigns, emails or target groups. Then, it is possible to share the chosen folder with your co-workers. From now on, every marketing expert is an administration of his own layout in SAP Marketing Cloud.



Deeplink in mobile notifications

The new edition allows you to insert for your customers into mobile push notifications a so-called „deeplink“, which substitutes the traditional hyperlink. Whereas at a click on a hyperlink the customers were dependent on the web itself, at deeplink, after a click the customers are first checked if in a mobile device a mobile application of the specific web is present; if not, then the customer is redirected to the web itself.  This may seem to be just a trifle, but every customer experience is composed of a large number of such trifles!  




Other news in SAP Marketing Cloud 1911:

  • Integration of SAP Commerce Context services – tracking of clicks
  • Extended documentation for integration with SAP Customer Data Cloud
  • Limitation of segmentation intricacy
  • Improved monitor of campaign performance


The November issue of SAP Marketing Cloud 1911 brings new functionalities focused both on customer experience as well as on making the job of your marketing experts more effective. In case you are interested in SAP Marketing Cloud, do not hesitate to contact us and learn more from our certified specialists and consultants of the Anodius company – because Experience matters.

Robert Hassel, CX Consultant