5. December 2019

What’s New in SAP Sales Cloud 1911?

What is the new value you can gain with the new Release 1911 for SAP Sales Cloud? Have a brief and clear overview of the newest functionalities and of what they can mean for your company.

As for the latest Sales Cloud upgrade of this year, for the production systems, it will be launched on November 16th and 17th, 2019, and it will mean the end of one HTML5 UI for all operations. From those days on, Sales Cloud will use the Fiori Client UI technology exclusively. In the text below, you can find further details regarding essential changes in the system, which will make their daily work easier.

Creating a customer from the objects

The system has a newly added functionality of creating a customer directly from the search process. This functionality will be available directly from the Help site for searching for customers.
Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_01


Improvement of recommended products for Opportunities

The user will be able to add products to Opportunities directly from the table of recommended products.  A new function also added, allowing to substitute products utilizing suggestions for up and down saleable products.

Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_02

Refresh button for new opportunities

As for Opportunities, a new Refresh button was added, allowing to update data of the object during reading.
Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_03


Creating a subsequent Opportunity from the sales offer

 From the latest version further on, the system will natively support the option of creating a new Opportunity from the sales offer. The Opportunity will be booked as a subsequent document, whereby the products will be copied into that Opportunity.
Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_04


Notification center

The notification center has been adapted for mobile applications. It is possible to line up a list of notifications and to display details of individual notifications.
Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_05


Conversion of tips into Opportunities directly within the application

The application was expanded by the option of conversion of tips into Opportunities. In course of this conversion, the user is navigated directly to the created Opportunity.
Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_06

Determination of partners in the off-line mode

From the latest version further on, it is possible to determine partners for customer partner function in an off-line mode in the same way as it works in an on-line mode.
Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_07

New attributes for searching in questionnaires.   New attributes were added to extended search mode for associated documents.

  •  Product
  • Product category
  • Survey brief text
  • Question category
  • Question type
  • Response category

Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_08


KPI redesign in Perfect Store

KPI control for Perfect Store was redesigned, whereby new additional information was added:

  • Threshold points
  • KPI value with color codes
  • Targets

Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_09

Previous KPI scores and trends for Perfect Store

From now on, the survey will comprise the KPI score from the previous visit, and it will incorporate the trend (upward/downward) based on the value of the recent visit.
Čo je nové v SAP Sales Cloud 1911_10


Among other improvements in Release 1911, we would like to mention:

  • Harmonization of activities of the Calendar
  • E-mail templates for activities
  • Limitation of export to Excel (personal data protection)
  • Mass adaptation of the processor in OWL
  • Other fields within the list of visits
  • Email – workflow

If you were interested in SAP Sales Cloud 1911 and you would like to learn more about it, the company Anodius offers first-class certified services and consultations in all areas of SAP Customer Experience.

Matej Belák, SAP Consultant