9. August 2019

SAP Customer Data Cloud by Gigya

How to distinguish your customer service from the competition? SAP Customer Data Cloud by Gigya enables you to uncover the real value of your customers and it provides you with strategic information for building long-term relationships with them.

What are today’s prospective or existing customers like?

  • They know their expectations,
  • they gather information about your company and products/services long before they come to contact with you,
  • they use all accessible communication channels,
  • and, at the same time, they want to buy easily, comfortably and without overloading by abundant information.

SAP Customer Data Cloud offers your customers the possibility to choose and handle their experience with your company. The customer can set up the created profile exactly according to his projections.

SAP Customer Identity

SAP Customer Identity provides a simple and flexible start to the management of customer accounts. It turns anonymous users into loyal customers in real-time. SAP Customer Data Cloud identifies the attached new client and automatically acquires all information related to him. The client has the possibility to log in easily via social networks.


SAP Customer Consent

This solution simplifies the setup of complex policies for customers’ profiles, preferences, and approvals with the target to fulfill continually growing requirements on personal data protection. At the same time, the customer manages on his own volume of information he wants to provide and receive.


SAP Customer Profile

SAP Customer Profile provides detailed analysis, evaluation, and segmentation of customer profiles with an aim to reach a deeper understanding of the customers’ needs. Subsequently, you are able to strengthen relationships by means of personalized communication.
SAP Customer Data Cloud by Gigya


SAP Customer Data Cloud consecutively stores and analyses all data in real-time. The information is integrated and bound to individual profiles. The longer you use it, the more precise the outputs you can get. For information, information regarding which products are your customers interested in, and which other customers with similar behavior you can still address.

Why consider this product, and how can its utilization look like?

A new user visits your website. It automatically offers him/her the option of login in via social networks, whereby you obtain freely available information from his/her already existing profiles and relevant data regarding his/her activities. In a moment, the system performs analysis of those data, on the basis on which the site can be displayed exactly according to the preferences of that specific customer, whereby you increase your chances for sale already at his first visit.

In his profile, the user specifies in his profile by himself the preferred means and depth of communication with you. Thanks to this feature, you will please those who are interested in the continuous information feed, and, at the same time, you will not discourage those who want to receive essential information only.

Each activity of the user on your site will be recorded. If he hesitates with purchasing a specific product, you can offer him, by personalizing the website, a 10% discount for the product.

If the users have a feeling of access tailored right for their requirements – e.g. on the web homepage, personalized marketing content campaigns, or other communication (email, phone, SMS), they constitute with you long-term and loyal relationships and they turn into your valued customers.

If your target is perfect customer experience with all items at which the customer can come into contact with you, we recommend you to look through the resources of the entire SAP CX Suite (SAP Customer Data Cloud, SAP Marketing Cloud, SAP Commerce Cloud, SAP Sales, and Service Cloud). Do not hesitate to contact us; we will arrange a non-binding consultation. This can be nothing less than a step forward for you.

Andrea Novosadová, CRM Consultant