How to Close the Initial C4C Project?

Closing the First C4C SAP Implementation Project

Written by: Dominik Filip, CX Consultant

Close is an activity in the Activity List of a project. It can be found in Go-Live tab of your project.

Path: Business Configuration workcenter – Implementation Projects view – highlight the First Implementation project – click on Open Activity ListGo Live tab

Close can be performed only if all other activities have been done. The Project cannot be changed after closing.

The prerequisite to complete the Close activity in the First Implementation Project is to perform the Go Live activity. Status of the Close activity is „Open“ even after Go Live, the Go Live tab shows 75% completion before Close can be executed. But Go Live IS complete, actually just the number of activities in the Go Live tab of the Activity List is counted here.

You can perform these two activities for the First Implementation Project only in Production tenant. They are not present in Test Tenant, so don’t worry if you cannot find them there. For the Initial Test tenants, the final status of the First Implementation project is „Tested“.

Differences between Test and Production Tenant Go Live Activities:

Go Live Activities (incl. Instructions)

Test Tenant

Production Tenant

Prepare Cutover

Set Up Internal IT Support Teams

Assign Contact to Contact Type

Validation of IT Contacts

Perform Migration in Production System

Perform Cutover

Confirm Go Live

Close Project

Disable Data Migration per Object