How to Enable Social Media Channels in SAP C4C?

How to Enable Social Media Channels in SAP C4C?

Written by: Dominik Filip, CX Consultant

In SAP Cloud for Customer, you can create a connection with some predefined Social Media in the Administrator workcenter – Service and Social view – Social Media Channels.

When creating a new Channel you can face a problem like this:

Don’t worry, it can be easily fixed, you just need to edit the Scope of your Implementation Project.

Path: Business Configuration workcenter – Implementation Projects view – select your Implementation Project – Click on Edit Project Scope

In the 3rd step –
Scoping you need to select Customer Care under  Service Scoping Element
(note: Service Request Management, Communication for Customer Care and Analysis for Customer Care subelements are automatically selected).

Then you can proceed to the end of editing Project Scope but if you want to see Social Interactions directly on Tickets in your Fiori system, there is one Question that needs to be selected in the 4th step – Questions: Do you want to enable Social Channels in Fiori Client? under Service – Customer Care – Service Request Management.

There are also some other self-explaining questions about Facebook, so you can check them, but this one is related to all Channels.

Now, when you finish your Scoping, refresh C4C Client and when creating new Social Media Channel, it should look like this: