How to Assign Multiple Roles for Business Partners in SAP C4C?

Since the 1911 release, you can assign multiple roles for a business partner in SAP Cloud for Customer. An Account XYZ can be defined as an Account, a Partner or also as a Competitor.

There is one prerequisite that has to be done via Editing Project Scope:

  • Path: Business Configuration workcenter – Implementation Projects view – select your Implementation Project – Click on Edit Project Scope:

in the 4th step – Questions: select Do you want to display and maintain business partners in various roles? in Handling of Business Partners Business Option (under General Business Data), then you can proceed to the end of editing Project Scope

After the 4th step, there will be an action Create from Business Partner available when creating new account, competitor, etc.

Example: I have the account DoFI a.s. and want to create it as a competitor.

Just go to the workcenter where you want to create object ant trigger the action Create from Business Partner:

This action shows a list of business partners that you can use to create a BP with a role.  Choose your BP and click on Create Competitor from Business Partner:

Don’t forget to save. 😊

After saving you have BP with two roles, in my case Prospect and also Competitor. That’s all.