5. February 2021

What’s new in SAP Marketing Cloud 2102?

Following the negative 2020 we need to step into the new year with the “right foot” and given the quality of news introduced in the release for SAP Marketing Cloud, we can conclude that SAP and its developers did it really well. Users will be able to enjoy new functionalities at the first February weekend and take full advantage of them in production 2 weeks later.

However, at the beginning it should be noted that given the Microsoft’s statements about its plans, SAP Marketing Cloud in planning to discontinue support for Internet Explorer 11 from the next 2105 release. Well, if you still happen to use this “grandfather” among browsers, we recommend shifting to some of a newer generation.

Let´s speak more about the most important news that were introduced in SAP Marketing Cloud release 2102.

Integration with SAP Qualtrics Surveys

A few years ago, a great tool, Qualitrics, came to the SAP family. Its purpose is to regularly collect feedback from customers, evaluate it and based on the result recommend further steps to the company. In order to have it fully automated you need a quality integration among systems, which the developers introduce in this release. Marketing Cloud will thus obtain real time feedback results, it will assign it to the customer with possible further steps such as classification into a certain segment or a follow-up activity.

Simpler use of Campaign Journey

Sometimes even little enhancement may have great added value for the end-user, who spends working with the program most of their working time. And that is the reason why developers do not focus solely on adding new functionalities but also try to finetune the already existing ones based on incentives from the end-users. Putting campaigns together will be a little easier in the coming weeks with the following improvements:

  • Marketers of multinational companies that work with different time zones will enjoy their UTC ranking, which should make it easier for them to search.
  • At the same time, there is a new pop-up window icon with additional information that pops up when you stop with your mouse on a particular campaign step.
  • It will also be possible to add new columns with time-related information on the last and consequent commissioning of a particular campaign to the list of all campaigns.

What’s new in SAP Marketing Cloud 2102 1


New Content Block: Interactions

When creating content in Content Studio, the option to add a new Content Block has been added. It can contain information on the interaction of contacts to which the contents will be sent. It can show the customer the last item they viewed in your online store without having to purchase it and propose to them some alternatives that might be interesting for them. Or it may refer to feedback or complaint to show them that their opinion really matters.

What’s new in SAP Marketing Cloud 2102 2


Other news in the content creation

The new release allows us to use the content customization also for the objects bound to your products and offers such as price, currency according to the country, etc.

Also, the Abandoned Shopping Cart functionality has been supplemented with new fields such as the price of the goods and the number of goods that the customer has added to the cart without proceeding to the last steps.

Frequent requests have been met also when creating Email Lite. We have already written about an option to set the Text Preview into an e-mail in previous releases, however, the problem occurred when the text was short and the customer also saw the email content in the view. This can be easily prevented by new functionality, thanks to which you can add any number of empty fields at the end of the Text Preview.

There have been great changes in the Email Lite view settings. It is new that the CSS code is available and you can therefore adjust e-mail design to meet your craziest ideas.

What’s new in SAP Marketing Cloud 2102 3

Extension of the Contact-to-Account functionality

The Contact-to-Account functionality makes it possible to create a relationship between 1 contact and multiple accounts on various positions. This functionality is known and used mainly by marketers who focus on B2B relationships. And it is them who will profit the most from this functionality being extended by a new activity – Trigger Call Qualification. Thanks to it you will be able to create new qualified leads to SAP Sales Cloud.

What’s new in SAP Marketing Cloud 2102 4


Other news worth mentioning:

  • Use marketing areas to restrict access to users within the system to only the product portfolio which they are responsible for
  • Creating leads in a campaign can be extended with additional information such as the URL address of the product that the customer was interested in. This and other information may be useful for your colleagues from the Sales Department to convert leads to the business.
  • New functionality from the last release of Spaces over Pages has been supplemented by the possibility of displaying created objects on the home page among other applications.
  • Access to custom fields and segmentation is thus less complicated for the administrators. Now, they can find all the existing segmentation objects on one screen, and just by clicking once they can define where the custom field is to be used and where not.
  • Predictive Studio switched from the old view to the new SAP Fiori UI with all its advantages, which will allow you, among other things, to side-by-side view the distribution of existing data according to the set heuristic score

What’s new in SAP Marketing Cloud 2102

The first 2021 release came with a great number of improvements that the users will definitely appreciate when working with SAP Marketing Cloud. If you are interested in these innovations and would like to learn more about this product or other products from the SAP CX family, Anodius provides world-class certified services and consulting in all areas of SAP Customer Experience. Because Experience Matters.

Filip Žarnovický, SAP CX konzultant