17. December 2020

SAP Sales Cloud Mailchimp Integration as The Right Decision

Today’s digital age favors businesses more than ever before. There have never been more ways to attract customers, get information about them, and personally address them with a higher chance of success. But why doesn’t it work so well in practice? The answer is simple: data centralization.

Using more communication channels often means using more software solutions in the company. While having more solutions is not ideal, it is definitely better to control everything with one system, with a well-designed software architecture with a clearly defined One-Source-Of-Truth and good integration across solutions you can at least move closer to the ideal. Without this, companies are lost in large amounts of data scattered in the systems and are unable to reach their full potential.  On the contrary, there is always a possibility that your employees will inefficiently check the data storage of communication channels every day and manually upload them to the main system.

Mailchimp is one of the market leaders in the field of simple marketing automation for small and medium-sized enterprises. This “monkey” allows you to increase your Audience, sort it out clearly, communicate personalized messages, and much more.

To present our integration solution, we will focus on gaining and organizing new members of the Audience. You can get new email contacts, possibly supplemented with other information, from your website, e-shop, webinars, etc. It is logical to divide incoming contacts according to the incoming source. However, people who subscribe to the newsletter have a different value for the company than those who regularly participate in paid webinars. Having contacts that meet all three conditions, is like hitting the jackpot.  If your Audience grows on a regular or even irregular basis, congratulations, you’re obviously doing a good job. But as long as you leave the data stuck in Mailchimp not reaching your salespeople, you use only half the potential. As of today, it may not be your case anymore.

SAP Sales Cloud Mailchimp Integration as the right decision 2

Our skilled developers have developed an integration link between Mailchimp and SAP Sales Cloud, thanks to which you can transform newly acquired contacts into leads whenever you need them. What do you get by integrating Mailchimp and SAP Sales Cloud? No more clicking between systems, checking the system for new leads, and manually moving them between systems.

As soon as the new contact is made, the salesperson will be notified there is a new lead which can have helpful information for them to convert the potential customer into the paying one. Before creating the lead, the system evaluates duplication with other incoming contacts but also with existing leads in SAP Sales Cloud.

Therefore, it is not possible for more than one of your salespeople to work with different leads on one contact without knowing about it. Leads’ structure corresponds with the structure of contacts from Mailchimp. So, for example, those interested in the newsletter are kept together, apart from technical enthusiasts of your blogs. According to the division into these groups, or other rules defined by you, it is possible to determine which salesperson will have the lead, so that you can effectively redistribute the work among several of your salespeople.

SAP Sales Cloud Mailchimp Integration as the right decision 3

Integrating system solutions is an investment that will pay off many times over. By transferring work from person to computer, you can reduce the errors ensuring that no potential customer will run through your fingers. Also, you save time for your salespeople, who can focus more on converting leads and sales opportunities. Relieve your sales team from unnecessary responsibilities, and they will reward you with better results.

Digitization has brought many opportunities and it is up to you how you deal with them. As your long-term partner, Anodius strives to help you make the most of every opportunity. Because experience matters.

Filip Žarnovický, CX Consultant